Med non compliance advice

The family forum is asking advice on what to do about refusal to take meds. I’ve always taken my meds.

What can I recommend to them to help them get their loved ones to take meds?

What made you go from non compliance to taking meds?

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Unfortunately nothing could tempt me back until I was put in hospital.

I have burned my fingers about 5-6 times quitting meds. It always ended badly.

Now I accept I need them. It’s a process that takes self-discovery to realise that you need them.

No easy answer I’m afraid…


What are the reasons you did not want to take meds? It was always a clear choice for me

I thought at times they were stripping me of my psychic abilities. Other times I was convinced I was being poisoned. I also thought I could just cope without them. Ultimately I was wrong


Sz people was healthy people once configuring problems, even hard ones, just by the power of their minds, and only their minds,
They believe that only mind is enough in this new situation too,
But this is different, every handyman needs his tools to fix things, and meds is the tool of sz people, its a fact should be known that here just mind is not enough,
Mind is powerful like hands are, but for fixing an spaceship just hands is not enough, we need tools and our tools is our meds,

It should be said to them,

We want sth completely immaterial in our world to rely on, and taking meds proves that even that thing has some relation to matter, its a shame and very frustrating but its so,

We should say to them the only completely immaterial thing maybe is god and we are a complex interrelated matter and soul things,
We shouldn’t be ashamed that parts of our soul is related to matter,


Is there anything that loved ones can do to encourage compliance?

They must be said:
You are under such a great pressure on your nerves that you can’t continue without boosting your nerves,
Like bodybuilders who use steroids, sz people should use APs to be able to continue their lives, they can’t go on just by food or coffee and cigarettes, they need powerful APs,

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I am really frustrated with the 20 pills.

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I’ve usually taken my medication also, except for times where I thought it was poison. The best advice I could give about taking your meds is, that it helps in the long run. And side effects are better than a psychotic break.

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I always gave in when defeated.

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I tried meds in the beginning. I was not hallucinating when I was first put on meds. after a few months I grew tired of the sexual side effects and weight gain so I got off them. then I started hallucinating I don’t know why.

I liked hearing voices in the beginning, I thought I was becoming telepathic and initiated but then the voices began to plague me and follow me around all day and wrecked my sense of privacy. I was crazy as it gets.

so I gave meds another try and decided to live with the side effects basically, I have a simpler life now and have settled down some so I think that’s why im now med compliant. and the hallucinations are barely there, I don’t feel schizophrenic on meds. but off them im sure I would start hallucinating again.

I don’t need republican strategist Micheal Steele in my head telling me “i’m getting tired of saving you, this is the last time” boy does that guys voice really drive me crazy. haha. I must’ve been hearing 50 different voices a day and occasionally seeing things… o yeah and there was that one time I freaked out because I flushed a piece of toilet paper into the sewer system then ran into the woods, before completely losing my ■■■■.

I haven’t done anything stupid for 2 years on meds, so im going to take them until I feel it’s safe to consider weaning myself off, maybe never.


I lurk on the family forum sometimes too. A book they recommend is called I Am Not Sick I Don’t Need Help by Xavier Amador that helps people do that. I found a pdf of it online.

It took a lack of options for sanity for me to want to take meds. Literally ran out of alternatives.

I fought the court order tooth and nail and finally won the right to not get depot shots, but then I realized I really needed meds so I went on the oral form of Invega.

I ended up back in the hospital because the voices came back. (I was trying the niacin natural remedy thing.)

I don’t take meds

What most people over there recommend reading that book I’m not sick. I dont need help. By dr amador.

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Sorry just noticed someone else mentioned this.

I had very iffy compliance for a long time. It was the side effects. My best advice is for them to make sure that their loved one is not quitting their meds time and time again due to side effects, and if they are to be an advocate for their loved one and fight to find them a med that is tolerable for them. I am now completely med compliant because I finally found a combination that did not give me side effects. The only reason I kept dropping them was because my mental health professionals would not listen to me when I talked about how miserable the meds were making me, like they had replaced my illness with another illness.

Also sometimes I’d get stubborn and be like I’ll be fine off meds. I ended up quitting meds enough times and relapsing enough times to realize I was not fine off meds. This is hard because you just have to let your loved one learn their lesson.

The only other reason the mentally ill quit meds that I’ve seen is if they get mania. People like mania. In that case you’re really screwed they pretty much just have to learn their lesson the hard way that mania is very destructive and that they do not want to be in that state again. I think you could help by keeping a record of how they are while manic. Write down stuff they did or just tell them. Show them videos of themselves. Do anything you can to remind them that mania is not just feeling amazing it’s a million bad life ruining things as well.

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For me it was
I’ve heard there is a tendency for positive symptoms to get worse over time without antipsychotics.
Secondly, the longer left unmedicated from antipsychotics the harder it could becomes to treat once medicated, perhaps it means u need to be on the med longer or a higher dose that but I’m not sure, depends what it means by the harder it becomes to get treated. Both of these options are not pleasant.

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@anon90843118 definition of harder it becomes to be treated: APs take longer to build up and be therapeutic causing patient to suffer with “adjusting” and then they don’t want to be on it, and pdoc hikes up doses since there is no “response” … More options dwindle.

I’d choose staying on risperidone when I was 18 not knowing how to learn Spanish, over what I go through now.

You live and you learn

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