Med non compliance advice

Am sorry you are going thru a rough time recently @Winterblues. Hope things get smoother with time
I also had to learn. Took me months before I realised I needed to be on ap first time round

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Thanks for the support. I can get through it, just not sure if I can communicate my thoughts to get my needs met. I guess I have to hand it over to God and hope I can get some kind of chemical change in my brain

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I get temptations so often to go off my meds because I feel like I’m faking my illness and I’m a liar. And that I don’t need them. But each time I went off I relapsed and realised I needed them after all. But it’s a never ending issue. Again I’m tempted to come off as again I feel fake.

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I’m mostly compliant. When I do talk about going off meds, people around me are quick to remind me what I was like off meds, and how much better I seem to be doing now. They tell me they want to see me feel well.

You and I have very similar stories.

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I think it’s a problem of short term memory

I’ve been thinking about this since you posted it and I can’t come up with any good advice. I always was compliant as well. I mean you can try to sit someone down and tell them that with medicine they behave acceptably, and without they don’t, but they might have severe anosognosia. Also if they don’t take medication they could end up homeless or in jail. I’ve flirted with both of those outcomes, and only after going through that did I realize that if I didn’t strive for recovery and abandon the fantasies, I could seriously lose everything. My home, my family, my freedom, possibly even my life.

I don’t think there is a great answer, other than another schizophrenic telling them these things. Hearing from other schizophrenics, to me, was 100x more useful than hearing it from a sane person. Things like watching Elyn Saks’ TED talk or joining a forum like this one were huge deals and I think about her TED talk every time I start to doubt my meds.

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I still want to quit meds, because it feels like they stole “me” from me.

What helps me use meds though:

  • Acknowledgement that it IS hard to take them and they do NOT make me feel good. They just restrain me.
  • Seeing that i hurt people around me if i quit (cold turkey). Something has to be more important than the loss of self from meds. For me this is my son and family. I had to realize for myself.
  • Trial and error. After trying several times i gave up on quitting cold turkey.
  • Overcoming my paranoid thinking about meds. By the above.
  • Getting on the lowest possible dose.
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Adding to that: i think it is unethical to force or even persuade people to use drugs. I still wish they never did that to me.

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I get issues with med changes and lack of compliance with new pdocs. I hope to God that doesn’t happen with my new one I meet in 2 months. I have to be strong and be like “been there done that”

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