Maybe sz is a “second chance’ (projecting)

It’s hard to refrain from the religious-ey aspects I (now) have. But maybe I deserve it.

I’m nicer(kinder) and more compassionate. More of a helper to echo the famous Mr. Rodgers quote. And had a good experience with a dog I adopted from my sister. I saw it all through anyway.

Maybe Sz is like my three ghosts visiting me. I only remember the one concerning the “past” but maybe that’s important. (Only know the story from the Bill Murray movie hahaha).


I said something similar earlier today. After going through a psychotic break I am a better, less judgmental person and I no longer have any ideas on what the “correct” path through life is. We’re all just figure this out as we go based on the perceptions and experiences that we have and that blows my mind in a beautiful way.

Thanks! Did you get that sales account?

For movies have you seen:

Fried Green tomatoes? Mary Stuart Masterson deserved more of a career.

Also Dead Poets Society is awesome gattaca made me think of Ethan hawks.)

And I recently took in Schindler’s list (not for the darkness but for the leadership aspects).

And a stretch is Body Snatchers(1978) it teaches us we’ve always been a bit paranoid as a society.

Is Body Snatchers too off the wall? I’m home alone for most of the night and don’t want to end up scared.

I will know next week if I got the account but the meeting went really well so I think they’ll do some business, just not sure how much.

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Cool!! Yes watch Body Snatchers with your husband. Most ‘fare’ for me isn’t scary bc it’s happening to someone else(plus it’s fiction). But nonetheless don’t watch it alone - I practice what I preach on that one.

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That theme is such a classic inspiration. The ability to reflect deep within youself and pull out the perseverance to change your entire personality in a positive path…so poetic. Certainly a classic. Thanks for sharing.

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I try to love who I am religious delusions and all


Sure! I only equivocate sometimes bc I’m not completely certain of the rules.

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