Maybe philosophers are meant to be confused

Maybe we are just simple animal creatures and we can’t be gods. So in order to understand life and such a bit we must be a bit mad. Because after all only some supreme being could totally filter all the disagreement and variance of opinion in the human race to get a clear concise centered opinion on everything. We are probably constantly contradicting ourselves. Each and every one of us. So it wouldn’t be “sane” to be anything but “insane” with this knowledge.


All I know is that the more “philosophical” I get the more “insane” I’m getting.


The only thing I know is that I know nothing

Socrates heard voices


There was a short while when I knew if I knew or if I didn’t know. Then I went back to taking my meds. Now I’m in Limbo.


Not every anchor in this disease is a good one. Sometimes believing you’ll get better will help you get better. Can’t do much without a positive outlook.

I don’t really understand your post. Are you suggesting there’s one correct philosophy and no one person can grasp it? People’s philosophies differ. The common thread is just to be kind to others while you live yours.

Ha on me! I’m studying philosophers right this second for my class and I thought I would have some brilliant response to you. Can’t think of a damn thing to say except I agree you have to be crazy to survive in this world.

Oh yeah, I heard this some place a couple of times. “Madness (mental illness) is a sane reaction, to an insane world”. I rest my case.


Nothing is certain, not even that.

  • skeptic philosopher’s motto -

I liked this old cartoon…On the Door at the Philosophers Office.

One sign. <<<<<< Unanswered Questions. Unquestioned answers >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Schizophrenics are the worst philosophers. We have a brain disorder and most of our truths are based on faulty brain chemistry. It’s no slight. Even the buddha had an epiphany which I think was biochemical.

I used to think an awefull lot about everything and never slept right. Nowadays I think about what is important and sleep like a baby! I usually can fight my way intellectually out of a wet paper bag but my iq has dropped and I obsess about things way less. It’s not confusion…it’s happiness…or is that confuciousism?


“Your only choice is whether you define your philosophy by a conscious, rational, disciplined process of thought and scrupulously logical deliberation — or let your subconscious accumulate a junk heap of unwarranted conclusions, false generalizations, undefined contradictions, undigested slogans, unidentified wishes, doubts and fears, thrown together by chance, but integrated by your subconscious into a kind of mongrel philosophy and fused into a single, solid weight: self-doubt .”

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…i have to think about it.:grinning:

I was thinking about this the other night.i might have spent forty years just trying to see if there were any answers. The coast is clear lol

nietsche was an alcoholic derelict, he is the father of existentialism and one of our most current honored philosophers. they are moving toward ‘intelligent design’ though.

Questions are good. But one fool can ask more questions than 100 wise man can answer.

Many times the hard part is not the answer, but the question. Asking the right questions is the key

I’m probably a vengeful god to the ants in my front flower bed that think they need to come into my home.

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Sometimes the thoughts of philosophers lead the world. Like Marx & Engels and communism, and several philosophers who lead the thinking towards the formation of US democracy in 1776.

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Yes but poor Socrates who had to kill himself drinking out of some cup cause he caused a nuisance to the greek society at the time. Glad its 2019.

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I’m a philospoher, but people call it insanity. But i read everything, so i know about kaivalya, and the vedanta, the end of knowledge. it’s weird nobody talks about it, people in the west act like you just learn and there’s no end, but there is one, when you’re young, you read everything, and ask questions, because it seems like there are alot of different things, and your interests mushroom, as they say, but you know how a mushroom ends, with a sudden and final flattening out, and it can happen long before death, when you realize there’s only one thing, and you know what that thing is, and you realize you are that one thing. that’s the i just watch people. my job is to see, and to protect. to protect by seeing. One day i walked into the library, bored, thinking i knew the answers to all the regular philosphy questions, like why is there war, why is there evil, what’s with getting sick and dying, had all my own answers for all that, so i went looking for what’s the hardest philosophy question, way before there was an internet, but there was a library, and in a book by plato he said, here;s the hardest philosophy problem - how are we gonna raise these kids?. so i take care of kids, watch over them, be a presence that counters the local american culture, a seed so that they’ll never think there isn’t something more, they’ll know there’s an answer, and they’ll strive to find it on their own.

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Well expressed. But I disagree that the interest in philosophy has to end after having learned it all. The field is so big it can accommodate interest for a lifetime. But it is great that you put your philosophy into practice.

I disagree.

Socrates seems to be ironic but he makes it clear:

Death is the aim of the philosopher. To be afraid of death is to pretend to be wise when one is not wise. It is pretending to know the unknown.

But it does mean then that the unknown is knowable then?

I think confusion is preferable because the truth is boring and sometimes scary.

Beyond this. I have no idea what it is that philosophy even is supposed to be except some drivel of pointless questions and stringing together pretentious sounding words and theories to sound important?