Maybe philosophers are meant to be confused


Learning philosophy and practicing it are an art form. I took philosophy in university. It is in and of itself. You do it because you enjoy thinking.





Philosoraptor OG philosopher for real. LOL


lol literally the ORiginal

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he was pondering metaphysics like 140 million years ago

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From a Shriekback song a couple of years ago -

‘Learned the lesson early on: the truth is boring and takes too long
Learned the lesson long ago the truth’s not really what I wanted to know
Learned the lesson back in the day: the truth’s so strong it’ll blow you away
Learned the lesson later on: what’s true remains when the pleasure is gone’

From a LingBao Daoist scripture
first line on DZ volume 131 page 025b1


“To wait for and obtain
the utmost-perfect genuine truth,
is to be hoped and expected to
consider, look after, and tend to it.”


Those who save themselves

concentrate their heart/mind

at the truth-emergence-location,

and receive-accept-endure

the transformation to fix life

around Heaven’s pivot,

Heaven’s principle,

and live out their long lives

in the resting, vanishing truth,

at the great gathering on no-concealment,

with original spirit in a primordial expansive flow

that is the grand Qi-ocean’s purificatory, rectificatory


Life like a dream, is also like a flame.

the dream a flame, and what it leads to is the flame going out;

then, the truth all round is the final dream


Philosophy is useful to some, useless to others; interesting to some, boring to others; makes sense to some, senselss to others. No matter what, it is good to know what philosophy is.

In Greek, the word means literally “love of wisdom.” People who study general philosophy — not “the philosophy of this” or “the philosophy of that” — tend to love learning (aka wisdom) for its own sake, prizing the accumulation of knowledge above all else. The true philosopher is one who asks questions about everything and seeks answers to those questions wherever they lead, with no predetermined conclusion.

By this definition the study of philosophy (which not all will accept) is physically inactive and intangible, involving purely intellectual activity applied to ideas, with no directly resulting physical product.

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