Maybe it's just all about how well you can distract yourself from realising that it's all pointless

Things have become pretty pointless for me in the last few days. Other than surviving there doesn’t seem to be anything else that floats my boat.

Maybe the people who do really well have things to distract themselves from that feeling.

Maybe I’m just experiencing a bit of

Or maybe I’m just getting over the flu.

But maybe it really is all just pointless.


Didnt you say you had family still around somewhere?

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I’ve never had a wife and kids if that’s what you mean? I have family around though.

Battling the flu can make us symptomatic.
Even if we’re getting over it.

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I suffered from anhedonia for a really really REALLY long time. So I understand.

What fixed it for me is new medication, new supplements and sarcosine.

But I fill my life with distractions for sure. Life is what you make it. If you decide all is pointless, it will be pointless.

I create goals for myself all the time.


well then It can be pointless. You care about those people, right?

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Can you go outside and take some photos with your new digital camera?

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That turned out to be just a waste of money. I don’t use it anymore. At least it was a distraction for a while I guess.

@everhopeful I think your dopamine levels are heavily depleted. What’s your dose on Abilify?

15mg. :pill: :pill:

It’s not pointless, if you do great things you will be rewarded in the next life.

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That’s too bad. Didn’t you just get the camera?

Well that’s me f*cked haha

About a month and a half ago. I stopped playing the lottery to pay for it over the next year. Wish I’d never bought it and continued playing the lottery.

Aw come on! I think you need some inspiration !


I’ll be ok. I’m hoping this “pointless” thing I’m going through is just temporary. The camera isn’t going anywhere so maybe I’ll get interested in it again anyway.

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I would love to see some photos of nature around where you live. A camera provides the perfect cover to walk around on your own without having to interact with anyone if you don’t want to, so it provides the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air.


Maybe you’re shifting and trying to find a deeper more fulfilling purpose than the one you had up until now.

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Maybe you’re right.

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I had really bad anhedonia. Maybe supplements helped? I can feel pleasure now. Still not 100% of what it used to be though.