Maybe I shouldn't have told her

I work as a peer support specialist. It is a company where you are upfront about your mental conditions. One of my coworkers mentioned she used to be on disability. So I asked her about getting on disability because I don’t know if I myself might go on it some day.

Then she started asking me questions about my situation. I told her when I’m not on medication I have hallucinations.

She told me disability services give preference to people who have hallucinations because they don’t want them to lash out violently in the workplace. I said nothing to this but it shocked me that she would say it.

Then she told me I would benefit from seeing a therapist.

She is in her last two weeks. She’s quitting. But I feel exposed. I hope she just leaves and this will all go away.


Its good that you’re working, don’t worry about what you said. Schizophrenia has one of the worst stigma.


Thanks @Aziz . I needed to hear that.

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Sometimes you just have to endure some people.

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Just let it go. Like you said, you’re in an environment where you can be open and honest.

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Thanks @CoCo. Thanks @pretzel.

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You got the job cos you have first hand experience of what it’s like. She sounds ignorant and she’s leaving anyway so you won’t have to see her for much longer.

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You’re right @anon80629714. Thank you.

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I think your being a bit paranoid about it I wouldn’t worry and just let it go

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