May be of interest to those into weight training

Visit a gym regularly and you’re bound to hear a conversation along the lines of: “I’ve just started my new whey protein shake. It says one scoop post-workout on the tub, but I take two just to make sure.”

Until now, sports nutritionists would have said you’re wasting your money. All the research has indicated that you need only one scoop (20g-25g) of high-quality protein whey or egg white to maximise the growth effects of a weight-training workout. Taking more has appeared to offer little if any additional benefit. This is why the dose recommended on the tub is usually one scoop per workout.

But recent work from our lab reveals otherwise. It raises the need for a major shift in sports nutrition recommendations. For many people, it looks like the gym logic may not be so far wrong after all.


No. Whey protein is a must 2 scoops is 2 chicken breasts it works out same price they’re nice too