Mauled in the parking lot

Picture this.

4 in the mourning. It’s as black as night, well, it is night, so it’s black, as the night.

I walk up to the lot of the station to get me usual.

And the spirit people were out there. They just start mauling me.

There was no “real” communication between us. Just throwing things out at me from afar knowing what they were doing. Like hitting my innards you know. They knew things about me.

They just mauled me again, it was ravenous, you can really ■■■■ a guy up.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the spirit people using the hidden interdimensional spirit tech. maybe they just spied and used it and it was mundane.

Regardless they knew things and started pelting me, it sucked ■■■■■■■ dick!

Another night, you should have heard it. Some girl obviously on smack totally knew my name and starting throwing it out how dumb i was. But it’s that stuff where if you do something you’ll be viewed as the bad guy you know.

If it were physical id be constantly bruised and bloody, but this stuff is inside and in the chakras, alot of the chakra ■■■■ goin down. It sucks donkey dick actually, just a huge sweaty mule dick it does suck.

Sorry for the language, they mean to kill me and hurt me and i think it merits some language.

Is it cold plasma that gets in your body? You have to buy an ion cleanse machine and soaked your feet to remove this stuff. I don’t know about spirits, you could be experiencing a lot of fears? Not sure, but it sounds quite frightening.