Masturbation solves every problem in the world

can you even deny this?

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I disagree. It only provides short term happiness. :space_invader:


It is the remedy and will play a crucial role in curbing the problem of global overpopulation

But some people just like skin to skin contact that masturbation or porn just cant give you!

Next you’ll advocate Realdolls and VR porn?

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Yeah. If anything masturbation is just a gateway to wanting “real” sex.

Self-control and foresight would go a longer way.

The bigger “evil” in our society is just ignorance.

I see VR animated porn being a thing. Animation is getting more realistic each year

Maturbation makes you blind and give you hairy palm


I don’t think it will help with sticky or dirty hands. Just sayin’.

Sounds like you have a Masters degree in masturbating. I hope you use your genius to help mankind.


Some individuals may experience great pleasure and release from masturbation and it might relax them.

I am not good enough at it so I dont do it but I have done it but never regular basis.

I can have different types of orgasms and mostly they are boring and short n disappointing but I can have extreme ones that are wow and vavavoom but i cant bring my self to it.
Some one else has to bring me to it.

Also I want the love making, passion, touching, intimacy, humour, communications, affection, playfulness , talking etc

I think masturbation can perhaps be good and can be bad for some people.
But I dont know.

I think it can be bad when it becomes to lusty n hateful n the orgasms are not pure nor as they could n should be.

Thats just me :slight_smile:

I dont want to masturbate cause im not good enough at it and i want the intimacy , other party/partner , also dont want the badness of it that it can be etc

I read about a married man with children leaving his wife because he fell inlove with his sex doll.

In a country where im originally from they had some wierd culture or tradition of a group of men masturbating together and putting sperm on a bun and the loser had to eat the bun with all the sperm on it.
Wierd man. wierd.
To this day I still dont get that tradition or “thing” and why why why they do it.
They tease the loser who has to eat the bun.

I feel i can write this as I do not actually have my real name or picture on this site.

happiness: cause when your ■■■■■ is happy… You’re happy.

I got one argument for you @crsean … Problem is people need ■■■■ to fap to… That means a porn industry… Which means the practical abuse of young women… Among other things.

Now I do look at porn on occasion… But about 100% of the time I wind up seeing some real unsettling ■■■■.

Not to indicate it turns me on… But I’d rather watch two big ole burly dudes making some sweet love to each other than watch some 35+ year old dude ■■■■■■■ a girl in her younger 20s/down to 18… That’s the most vile ass ■■■■ there is dude… Well almost… But that’s ■■■■ is the most somewhat socially viable vile ■■■■ there is.

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Self love is cool. But the gentle caress of a woman while you kiss her neck, powerful love making, and when it’s all said and done, a deep conversation while wrapped in eachother’s embrace, that’s ■■■■■■■ magical man.


tug yer slug doug. maybe later you’ll prefer a hug :smile:

Yea its cool but Im saving up for one of those $1OOOO dolls

They say the key to curbing world population growth is the empowerment of women. They don’t want to be used as baby machines, like they are in undeveloped countries now.

Even money couldn’t solve every problem in the world. Masturbation nurtures the sex appetite instead of satisfying it.

Fun fact, they used to believe schizophrenia was caused by excess masturbation. No more though!

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And that female hysteria could be cured by it!

I think that’s what the first vibrators were for!!!

I’m going to do what no one else here has done and say I masturbate semi regularly.

I get really frustrated if I don’t and not even meditation can help me (I’m not a Vulcan ;))!

Anyway I would have thought that regular mediation would solve more problems in the world then jacking off. No matter how pleasurable it might feel to you.

dose it or am I just do not have any other thing to do when I’m lacking interest in life.