I'm old fashioned - I think masturbation causes insanity

Like dry sex - and the question “Have you lost your head?”

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Almost all men masturbate. Just saying…


Read and noted. But you do realise thats a load of rubbish right? lol x

I’ve been told women are smarter than men. This might be why.

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Why??? Genuinely curious

I don’t appreciate your sexism. I don’t think either gender is smarter.


Because it’s a little death that men become insensitive to.

Pornography is the problem. Men would masturbate less if it did not exist. Edit: Insofar as masturbation is a concern.
I think its a question of maturity

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Cobblers. Men and women masturbate. Its normal. Whats wrong with having a wank?


See above 151515

And thats a load of bollox right there. Religous upbringing much?

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Maybe it’s why men don’t feel as much as women, as a rule.

Ignorance and rubbish. This type of stigma toward women’s sexuality is why women STILL feel bad about pleasure. From themselvea or elsewhere.

Look, this time the misogony is coming from inside the house.

Closing this because as it was already stated, load of rubbish. (Also,.misandry is as bad as misogyny)


Maybe it’s just me, but all these non-sequiturs fly over my head.

That being said, masturbation is normal.

If it made people crazy, there’d be a lot more folks running around the place acting a fool.

Does not correlate.


Also, for clitoris owners, look up the maturbation assistant- the rose or a knockoff. You can thank me later.

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