Masturbation discussion

sooooooooooooooooooooo. how many time have you been cought in the act ? what was the most embarrassing one? or post the Laziest you have ever been cought at?

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I remember when I was very young.

My mum caught me and got very angry.

She started talking about hell…

In an angry and serious tone.

I on the other hand, am not religious

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I figured it out pretty young so i dont even wanna think how many times my mom knew what was up when i was “napping”. I hope i havent been caught as an adult but there have been opportunities for that where i def could have. Prob on security cameras.

Ive never been caught masturbating but when i was a teen had my bfs mom walk in on us, that was weird.

My girlfriend catches me regularly lol. But its not a thing with us.

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy topic to discuss. Please just remember to keep it pg13 to avoid flags. Thank you.

There are times I feel guilty for doing it but that shouldn’t be. It is totally normal.

IDK, you want details, lol?

ive never been caught in my life, and i plan on keeping it that way

Other than being a young kid,

And my parents telling me that’s inappropriate for whatever the occasion was.

I’ve never been caught.

Did get caught in a park doing it.

The cops didn’t believe my boyfriend was my boyfriend.

They separated us and kept asking him if he knew my last name and how long he’d known me.

I was furious.

They clearly thought I was a hooker.

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I finally got caught now that i’m an adult, but I don’t even know if the person noticed since the lights were turned off. Still it was pretty embarrassing.

yeah a few times.

then my girlfriends mom caught us in bed.

actually there was once in my 20’s.

Caught no, called out, yes. I was in 2nd grade and I was openly pleasuring myself on the playground and one of the twin boys was watching me and as I came closer to orgasming the boy said “that’s dirty”. I had no idea. It didn’t stop me but it really bothered me later and I was a little more private from then on.

Even as an adult though, because I could be brought to orgasm so easily, there have been times that I would in public with no one the wiser. Not really intentionally either. Thank god I feel nothing now.

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all I’m gonna say is it’s better when you use both hands…haha

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Have you ever been caught?

I got caught multiple times. Now I am not doing it.

Never been caught!

I’m sure I’ve been caught multiple times because I used to jack off somewhere I shouldn’t have but I don’t want to say where.

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