Mass Extinction of the human race

My mind supplies me with pretty warped thinking - and it pisses me off

I can spot delusions, and now I can recognise it happening I can pull myself back from it.

Probably shouldn’t have read the news, as I normally avoid it, but this Covid-19 is becoming more of a problem, so I looked.

I started getting paranoid about the vaccine, as they might produce something to kill us off to reduce the worlds population and this has all been building up to a secretive grand conspiracy to kill off the overpopulated world.

It scares me things like this. I am not going to have the vaccine as I do not trust what is going on and it worries me.

I hate reading the news

Well I think it’s safe to say the “conspiracy theory du jour” is that COVID-19 was actually bio-engineered in a lab in Wuhan, China.

The aim is unclear as to what the virus was intended to do, but it seems population control is at the crux of these theories.

These are just nutter theories, though.

Truth be told, the virus is reported to have originated from bats sold for human consumption in Wuhan marketplaces.

No one could have seen this coming.

If you think back to the early-1900’s, that was the last major pandemic the world faced-- the Spanish Flu. No way they had the technology to bio-engineer such a thing in those days, and yet many lost their lives because of it.


I won’t be getting the COVID vaccine. I have my reasons.


I can’t wait to get it. I will take my chances.

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Are you looking at climate change?
Covid is from it, AIDS was from it, and bird flu, Ebola
In our treatment of the planet we will have destroyed a million species
5 worst world killers
Soy, cacao, coffee, palm oil, beef

Rethinking everything will do nothing I’m sure
but if we all did, it would
As far as our extinction goes,
The world will see to it at some point

One time after a hard drunk I somehow figured out with my brilliant logic that they had pushed the button, and our missiles were headed towards Russia, and Russia’s missiles were headed towards us. I was wondering if it would do any good to crawl under the bed.

I’m not too bothered if we die out. Hopefully covid won’t be the cause any time soon. I don’t think so.

I’m not too bothered cos on another planet life will arise.

Or life will arise out of the human remains.

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But do you actually believe in this grand conspiracy, or do you have other reasons for rejecting a possible covid vaccine?

The conspiracy is more of a side issue.

My main reason for not taking it is that the usual safeguards have been ditched, and it’s dangerous as they are there for a good reason.

Once it’s proved safe, I will have it

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There are a lot of rumors on Internet. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish which is right.

You guys go first. Let me know how it goes and if it goes good, I’ll take one later. I promise…

It’s weird that the corrupt government officials aren’t suffering the same casualty rates as the public…


real or not real,whether its man made or not,doesnt matter we are screwed.

I think we’ve well and truly moved into the realms of conspiracy here peeps. You know the rules.