Viruses (trigger warning)

everybody is getting the cold/flu over here and i think i had it a bit too but i have been very worried about something a pop star said about an Ebola conspiracy saying that it has been manufactured and released in Africa with the intent of it spreading in an attempt to control the population of the planet earth in order to bring down the green house gasses that we create to help the enviroment,
its just that it makes sense especially when the media stated that only 10% of the population of earth could fight it off :frowning: got me wondering if i was one of the 10% and i thought no probably not, not with my luck anyway, i have been thinking that these viruses seem to get worse each year and that the vaccine is not helping, i also thought that the bird flu and swine flu and others were going to combine to make this virus even worse some how, i’m trying to fight off all of these thoughts but in truth i am really scared about catching something and not being able to fight it off especially as i am taking an anti-psychotic which i believe lowers my immune response to these things :frowning:

There was a researcher on CNN this morning - she said that Ebola can be transmitted by air - she said that this was always the case, its not a mutation. She is not the only scientist that believes this. I do think that if this were true - we are all basically doomed. I also do know that many of the big pharma companies are scrambling for a vaccine/cure.
This shi&*$ is for real - I do have the fear that this virus will catch on like wild fire here in the states - we are just not prepared for things like this. It is natures way of controlling the population

who the hell said this, dreamer? what a stupid thing for them to have said. possible yes but stupid nonetheless. was it someone famous? do you know their name hunni?

you know i’m quite sure that at some point in human history in the future there will be another black death like plague…maybe even ebola, who knows, which will wipe out a third of the planet, maybe even half, who knows. i used to think about the black death making a come back but i don’t worry so much these days as i’m british and would probably be immune to it anyway a syou would probably be too because of the geography of the disease when it was in full swing. it’s emergent diseases we need to worry about, or man made ones used by terrorists. luckily, they are not that advanced biochemically yet but it will happen at some point in the future i’m sure.

try not to worry dreamer becausae it just gets all out of proportion in your head and it messes with you. sending hugs. jayne xx

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we are all going to die one day…
live a noble life and die like a sith warrior…
take care


thanks @jaynebeal its just a huge worry and i don’t think i am immune tbh i have enough health problems without this and i think I’m actually lucky to be alive right now, like i have dodged a couple of bullets already, i think we really need to secure our borders now and help other nations secure theirs bc we can’t have this thing spreading like that,

btw i think it was a guy called chris brown in the music scene maybe a rapper that said that