Marxism leninism

So I’m curious. I consider myself a marxist leninist and I’ve received a lot of flack for that. Mostly people urging me to get psychological help (even before I was diagnosed) not really looking for a debate here if u disagree w me but I’m wondering if out of the ordinary political views are common among schizophrenics. Anyone else have political views that they get a lot of criticism for?

I’m politically disillusioned at this point in life.

But I have got some flack in the past for voting for a third party candidate in the election that elected G. W. Bush and more recently for my tendency to be on the fence about gun rights…this flack comes at me just as heavy from either side of the debate.

Can’t say I didn’t read Marx in my late teens. But I played and experimented with libertarianism just as much at the same period of time.

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I had this site bookmarked a few years ago. :laughing:

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I have left all this Lenin ■■■■■■■■ behnd me. I know that Lenin was a good author and wrote about some early capitalistic development in the czarist Russia. He wrote things that Michael Porter wrote in his book ‘Advantage of Natioons’ in the beginning of the 1990s.

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My political and economic beliefs are pragmatic. Economically, I believe in a hybrid system - part socialistic and part capitalistic. I’ve taken controversial stands on issues before, but there are also issues on which I sit on the fence. I do that because I honestly don’t know which side is right. I don’t go into specifics because politics brings out the worst in people. You can get into a row very quickly by discussing them.

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I studied it…I know socialism with spirituality / religious freedom would work if applied right but it never has been. capitalism could also work if it didnt breed corporatism where the rich get richer and economically oppress the poor.

^ this, kind of…

Politicians tend to make promises but keep very few of them.

I’ve supported conservatives in the past and been judged for that. I’ve supported liberals and been judged for that. No one is happy with everything. there will always be opposition from someone.

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I think you’ll find that schizophrenics have as varied political views as anyone else.


I’m politically disillusioned too…

I only keep the voter registration current because certain people will get called for jury duty. Voter registration was used for the jury pool for a long time. The mail will not be forwarded on jury duty notices even if you filed the paperwork with post office. Then the police issue a warrant for a no-show if you don’t go to court. (I don’t think it is an extraditable warrant but maybe…) I heard someone who fell victim to this mess after running away from an abusive situation petitioned the governor to change jury duty selection to consider all people with a driver’s license over age 18 but I may be mistaken…Many in the know here did not register to vote for some reason.

It is very likely the mere act of voting could cause overload when you realize so much is smoke/mirrors and dirty deals, it is probably hopeless…Some just vote Repub or Dem all the way and give up…Low taxes, people dying on the streets & starving vs. illusion that there is hope by Democrats who keep cutting it. Notice I didn’t even mention leave the tax payers alone to work & keep this country running… ; )

India is ready to take all the English customer service + IT jobs, China and Mexico can take all the manufacturing - no problem. Lots of foreigners from middle east and China bought big controlling interests in US companies after 2008 stock market fall so who knows as these can nuke us back now. I’m leaving to move to the country soon…Kinda joking.

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I’ve done a test on internet what political type I am. I am social liberal according to that test. Don’t remember the link to the test. It was long ago I did it. I believe ppl have their own mind and can decide what is best for them. But disabled ppl need help to decide. But they must be given a chance to get the right information and then make a choise.

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