Socialism Gave US AIDS

hello guys, so I read the short post that someone made about microwave weapons. Oh I know this is an old topic. But that’s what public speech is all about, and what is a forum without public speech right? So do microwave weapons exist–hmm well I can tell you what I’ve heard from other people and my own speculative ideas…it has to do with Nazi war technology, and it had to have inspired people even after their figure head was assassinated or committed suicide–the leader of the Nazi party. They had done terrible things with mind control and experiments. For example the gassing of populations.

I’ve heard a lot of people actually say that the US installed this Nazi government to break the soviet empire. It’s possible, anything’s possible. I bet they discovered time travel, think about it–those super jets could fly anywhere. I think psychiatry is a socialist invention, it probably is I haven’t fact checked that but I don’t doubt it started with socialist mind control. They used to haul all the un-desired people into crates on trains to Asylums like Weston there to be shackled and chained in rooms with little or no light insufficient heating and electricity then make them work and participate in experiments. Insulin shock therapy is basically inducing a coma it is akin serious torture, famous John Nash was subjected to insulin shock treatment. Others were subjected to electric shock and drug studies- veterans who were experiencing shell shock lobotomized so they wouldn’t speak out about they saw, woman who spoke out against oppression or who were eccentric and children who were sick or no one wanted because they were disabled…

We have come a little from that, but no we have not come that far to be honest. Mental illness is still a stamp and not adequately treated or diagnosed with the right type of technology to actually detect the brainwaves as EEG machines are not sufficient and are a joke other than to detect for physical abnormalities in the brain structure like brain damage.

Race doesn’t technically exist. We have our genes, we have our heredity and culture, appearances and DNA, and all this shapes what we look like and how we evolve. The environment of the person should be subject to harsher scrutiny than surface appearances because evolution is about adaptation and survival and look who packed a punch…

So this is the weird thing: ELF extremely low frequencies–are real. HAARP blasts them into the ionosphere to manipulate the weather and cause floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and they also spray the clouds with aluminum not sure why though. They say it protects us or something. It is probably not even aluminum I bet they were spraying mercury to poison us basically oppression because it appears to be possible that socialism is infecting and raping us endlessly over and over and over again. Yeah socialism gave US aids.

They say that America is falling apart at the seems that it’s imploding or something, and I don’t doubt that’s because of the admins and all that stuff I don’t get anymore. I prayed for Israel this morning. They need help. The people in the sandcastle are freaking out because they don’t see how its always been, every speck of sand is one of us–together we make a strong sand castle, the more we divide the more we dissolve the illusion.

I was subjected to the microwave weapon once. I thought it was so obvious I was like dude you cant fool me. I was sitting in my room, and my ipod speaker suddenly switched on to a subliminal voice of a man who said–something about this is just a test, can you hear this–test testing blah blah. Sometimes when you are off the page you can see them better–hear the static on the airwaves, the radio broadcasts that no one notices cuz we’re all asleep. They don’t even bother with them in theaters they just shove this down our throats like come on–go anywhere busy and you will notice the high wave frequencies etc.

I can hear radiowaves. hahahaha ---- I went to the audiologist to figure out what was wrong with my hearing and he told me it was oddly above normal, like beyond natural hearing-- I picked up every single frequency in the box across the glass with headphones on. For real, There wasn’t a frequency I missed. So I have unnatural hearing, I also have will power. They tried to flip me, break me, frame me, rename me and blame me. They tried to break through me, and all they did was break themselves open. Im sure there was some kind of goal.

Mind control is basically a shame and when people look back on history they will always see it for what it was–embarrassment.

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These are definitely unusual beliefs. I don’t believe time exists, so I definitely scratch the “time travel” stuff out. Time travel is impossible. As for the U.S. installing the Nazi Gov’t, or HAARP conducting massive ionic sound blasts to cause destruction, those things are just flatly implausible.

I don’t know where you read up on these conspiracies, but none of these conspiracies sound at all natural to me. I stay away from conspiracy-themed websites because they’re essentially drawing lines & connecting dots to things & places that do make sense in a possible sense, but when you understand the average human and what they are capable of doing, you start to realize how unlikely most of these conspiracies are.

Almost anything can make sense with a good explanation, but without empirical evidence(s), you’d be wary to start believing in it.


I watched a documentary and I think one of the theories was using infected monkeys with the polio vaccine as a graft. Another theory was the hunter theory.

Hi @StarryNight,

The last I heard from you, cops had arrested you for something that seemed absurd. Whatever happened with that? They dropped the charges I assume?

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Interesting proposition! Has to look deeper!

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Thanks for asking! I just got a letter that my lawyer filed for dismissal. I think my charges will be dropped and everything also the person who was charged with the actual robbery had his case dismissed. He called me and told me. I’m willing to work with them if they need any help, but my understanding is that a conspiracy charge means they were reaching for more information and they probably charged everyone. I’m pretty sure my lawyer was able to show them that I was not aware or involved in anything. So that’s good news.

I’m trying to get my medication adjusted so that I’m not manic as much but I’m still ok.


Correction: wish u could change the title to “Misuses of Psychiatry”

Psychiatry wasn’t invented by anyone specific as I thought: no the worst abuses actually seem to have occurred in war time which is why I bring up the risks. Psychiatry can be used for control and oppression and that’s not its purpose obviously it can be used the wrong way and was a driving force behind the nazi control of people.

BTW I posted one article linking to proof and confirmation of HAARP. BTW it was shut down over a year ago so I wouldn’t worry about it.