Mark Ruffalo plays a fat schizophrenic in new tv show


looks good will definitely watch

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Do you know the name of the show? Do you know when it is on?

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@Here4You, I think I googled “Mark Ruffalo new schizophrenic character,” and it brought up a lot of results about the new show he’ll be in.

The title of it is “I Know This Much Is True,” and it’s based off a book. It will air on HBO.

I hope this helps.

Thanks. Do you know if it is a serial show or a movie?

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You welcome. I think it’s going to be a mini-series.

It sounds like it might be pretty well made too. :slight_smile:

Mark Ruffalo is a major advocate for MI awareness. If I’m remembering right, he has a sister with severe MI. Don’t quote me on that, but I thought it was brought up in an interview years ago when he had his health scares.

But dude is a genuinely caring guy, he talks to kids and keeps in contact with some that he’s helped.

Yeah he strikes me as one of the good people. I used to follow him on instagram

Tell the director to make it about a transgendered anemic ladyboy.

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