Marijuana Triggers Psychoses


While vitamin B deficiency can cause psychotic symptoms this isn’t what caused my psychoses. I’ve always believed it was marijuana. This was before I read about it. New studies show that people with the genes who do substance abuse (especially marijuana) and have acute psychoses induced by the drugs have a high degree of probability that they will later develop chronic psychoses after being off the drugs. This is what happened to me when I had my psychotic break with reality. I had all my B-vitamins and was sober. The ego built and built until I snapped. The self-conscious fears and shame turned into phobias and paranoia until I snapped and was at the center of the universe with everything revolving around me. Here’s the 2018 article in “Psychology Today”:

Acute Marijuana-Induced Psychosis May Predict Future Illness

While psychoses on marijuana is more likely to develop into chronic psychoses the article also lists alcohol, opioids, cannabis, sedatives, cocaine, amphetamines, and/or hallucinogens. I’ve done all them and experienced psychoses on all of them.

When the investigators compared this group with a large group of appropriately matched controls, they found a striking increase in the development of either schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in those who had experienced acute psychotic episodes after taking alcohol, opioids, cannabis, sedatives, cocaine, amphetamines, and/or hallucinogens. The most dramatic increases by far occurred in those who exhibited psychotic symptoms following marijuana use.

While I believe marijuana can be a contributing cause of schizoaffective psychoses there are other things that can cause it in people.


I think the lsd was more effective in causing psychosis than marijuana for me but it didn’t help either. I’m 4 days sober from weed today. I read schizophrenia is a complete loss of all your psychic senses. Not sure what that has to do but I just remembered it.


i know my heavy amphetamine use and chronic marijuana use throughout my late teens did not help the situation. amphetamines make me feel euphoric and eventually make me psychotic shortly after the rush. also makes me highly delusional thinking I’m a soothsayer or something.

marijuana makes my sza spike severely.

my sza was a “coming of age” thing. I had no problems until i went straight edge, and that set it off.


It’s a pretty known thing these days. If you have a disposition to psychotic disorders then it pays to avoid street drugs. It’s a no brainer for most folk!