Cannabis Derivative a Potential New Schizophrenia Treatment

There have been many research studies suggesting that marijuana may increase risk of schizophrenia (see here). But there is also a recent study at Harvard Medical School, led by Ashley C. Proal, that has suggested this may not be the case. This recent comparison between families with a history of schizophrenia and those without, found no connection to marijuana as a cause for the disorder.

There are over 400 different chemicals in the marijuana plant, so the issue is more complex than it might seem at first and it appears that there may be some chemicals from the plant that may actually be helpful for people who have schizophrenia.

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That’s very interesting. I used to use marijuana at an earlier time in my life before the voices and delusions started but then I quit and then came the schizophrenia years later.

Take this nonsense off. Marijuana effects the brain chemistry. I have developed schizophrenia from smoking marijuana. From the first day I smoked it I was hallucienating, to finally a year of smoking it it caused me to also have auditory hallucienations. This
Study is misleading unless it’s talking about the canibioid and not the thc

There are some many cases of psychosis from marijuana smoking, differing from person to person.

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Thats from THC and cannabinoids for the most part. Cannabidiol has the opposite effect, it has strong antipsychotic properties. I am very against weed for people with schizophrenia but if cannabidiol was an option for me, I would try it. It’s an all-natural antipsychotic with virtually zero side effects. My meds work like a charm but side effects are seriously not fun and I can see why some people don’t take meds- the side effects can be just as bad as suffering from psychosis. Until I got on two additional meds for my side effects, I was not functioning at 100%, but doing well in school. I was so agitated from akathisia that I resembled a psychotic person, but my psychosis was actually treated.

I had horrible akathisia, now xanax and propanolol have me as close to perfectly normal as possible, I dont have restless legs, just slightly restless legs…I am used to it now and it’s not that bad.

But I still dont exactly like having my left foot constantly moving.

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