Manic again

I take my meds as prescribed. Latuda was increased maybe 5 days ago i lost track from 40mg to 60mg. Sometimes i miss a day but i havent in at least 2 weeks now. I was psychotic starting 5 weeks ago pretty badly for 2 weeks and ever since ive gone in and out of it. Been pretty clear besides some hallucinations for a few days but now i came home after a saturday shift at work which is always a disaster for me but i was 100% FINE felt good. After i got off i went to walmart and while yk im autistic and i had no ‘spoons’ i ended up spending $150 and impulsively shop lifted maybe $75 worth of stuff. It was easy. I dont care honestly i hate walmart and i can barely afford to live. Anyway came home and the fiance says within an hr “are you manic” and yeah i guess i am. Dont really know what to do about it seems like im always in some kind of sza episode or another.


It’s ok. We all been there. You are still experiencing hallucinations?

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I dont know maybe. I saw a weird shadow in the corner of my eye earlier and felt paranoid for a bit. But thats about it all day

I had that happen to me too … Don’t worry nothing too severe.

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Sometimes i hear a faint whisper but notnearly as much as yesterday

Ya know if ya keep shoplifting your will end up in jail.


Need to tell these things to your treatment team. It’s not really a place to encourage illegal behavior as you can appreciate but reliase you need some help and asking. I’d recommend talking to your doc asap. We all take meds and we all react differently but we all have different problems. I guess you need to address your impulsiveness first.

Yeah im not gonna do it again. It was dumb i have goals in life.

@rogueone i see my therapist on tuesday so ill tell her then. She was literally just talking to me ans my pdoc about how fast ive been cycling through episodes

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