Mania With Psychosis vs Schizophrenia vs Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Type


My pdoc refrains from handing me the sz affective dx because she said I’m too high functioning.
So she looks at it as different levels of functioning with similar symptoms

Like in descending level of functioning.
Bipolar with psychosis

I don’t necessarily agree with it because there’s high functioning people in all those categories.

Like the article states there not even sure if the sz affective category even exists and that there’s no algorithm or set treatment protocol because of it pulling from both bipolar and the sz sides.


Article will not load up for me. Darn it. I was interested…

In my view schizoaffective shouldn’t exist.
Many clinicians are dismissing the SZA dx

I mean imo you either have schizophrenia or a mood disorder like bipolar.

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I say that of course it exists!! Just take a look at all the people that have a sza diagnosis!! That right there is your proof.

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I disagree @SkinnyMe
SZA is a grey area diagnosis


I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder when the clinicians were confused or stumped with my dx


I’m not saying to discount it. That article is just suggesting whether it should exist as a sub category.

It’s all good. They can tell me I have gobbily googlily disease for all it matters as long as I get some help :blush:


I too was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder but what really, who doesn’t have low days with any schiz diagnosis everyone has bad days, but they turn that into bipolar aswell


I just had an interview with a brand new pdoc today. She’s fresh out of med school too. And she’s very sweet. It should be interesting to see what she diagnoses me with.


Yeah I’m not really discounting the symptoms that people experience with a schizoaffective diagnosis.
I’m questioning the schizoaffective category itself.

Is it really necessary?

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Imma try my phone and see if I can view this article on it.

I think it would be more necessary if we had personally designed drugs that need a more focused set of symptoms to treat. But it’s pretty broad spectrum right now and no real designer drugs yet.

Wow I had to search for this article and it was right under my nose the whole time


No doubt inspired by our discussion :stuck_out_tongue:


@everhopeful :pray: your a legend bro.

According to this article i have manic psychosis.

Its amazing :+1:

I am glad because that answers why i manage to be well and healthy on every antipsychotics i been taken.

Why i quickly recover after an episode in less then a week and why when i have symptoms i am usually hyperactive.

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I never had an episode without being maniacal

when doing well despite schizophrenia, it was moved to schizoaffective and I was told it is because I have more insight than is typical of paranoid schizophrenia or schizophrenia on its own.

My issue is: what if its just a failure to admit the science was wrong? what if people with schizophrenia are capable and do feel a broad spectrum of emotions that are impacted by the illness.

Medications are what helped because once the irrational fears and hallucinations lessen i was able to process emotions better…

@everhopeful you need to understand man. You change my life aproach to my illness qnd i thank you very much for that

I saved the article and tommorow i am going to talk with my doctor.

Maybe even reduce/switch meds at my next appointment.

Maybe they will change my diagnosis too :blush:

I can have better therapy now too :sweat_smile:

Thank you man :+1:

I am happy and hyped lol


@everhopeful Please stay awesome bro !!! :slight_smile: