My diagnosis has changed

I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s really thrown me, I feel like everything I have ever experienced is a lie, that it wasn’t caused by what I have assumed for so long. My diagnosis has been schizoaffective disorder since 8 or 9 years ago, but my psychiatrist who I have been seeing for 2 yrs has changed it to bipolar with psychotic features. Her recent diagnosis of OCD still stands, but this change from Scz-affective to bipolar has got me questioning everything, even who I am. Am I over-reacting?


I don’t think that the title of the illness is so important. What is important is to find the right meds. I would be shocked if a pdoc would say that I am no longer schizophrenic


I guess you’re right, I don’t know why I’m reacting like this. It really is a shock, I feel like it undermines that fact that I could be so deeply psychotic, almost like I have no right to be that psychotic when I have bipolar and not schizophrenia/schizoaffective. Honestly I’ve got myself in a state over it.

Do you have psychosis even when your mood is stable? Then you have schizoaffective

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I’m honestly not sure. I know I’ve had deep depressions, hypomania, mania, mixed episodes, and psychosis, but it’s all such a rollercoaster I can’t tell what is happening when, when I’m unwell I have very little insight or memory of my episodes. So I really don’t know. I thought I knew where I was, had it all figured out, but I really don’t know.

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Schizoaffective and bipolar with psychotic features are virtually the same disorder. The only difference is really the amount of stigma attached to them. I understand how it can make you feel weird, but it really doesn’t change anything.


They are not the same. Schizoaffective has psychosis even without depression and mania. Even when he has normal mood. Bipolar has psychosis only with mood component


theres not much difference than your previous. its just a label. what matters is that you improve.


My psychiatrist thinks I have both, SZA and bipolar.
It’s interchangeable for me.
My therapist diagnosed me with bipolar.

@ninjastar is right.
It’s basically the same thing.
The stigma is stronger with SZA.

The treatment plan is usually the same for both.


It’s not the same thing.
I explained before


It’s not exactly the same, no, but they’re extremely similar. So much so that they have pretty much the same treatment plans.


Same thing happned to me two weeks ago. Went from sza to bp1 with psychosis and to be honest I already knew was just waiting to have it confirmed…

I’m specifically talking about bipolar type 1 with psychotic features.

No, SZA and bipolar are 2 different disorders, but are very similar in many ways.

With SZA, psychosis occurs outside of mania and a depressive episode.

With bipolar, psychosis occurs during mania or a depressive episode.

But many times the lines are blurred.


I guess it shouldn’t, I just have this weird thought I can’t shake that if I’m bipolar and not scz-affective then my psychiatrist thinks I must be faking my psychotic symptoms because the psychosis in bipolar isn’t as severe as in sci-affective or scz. Either that, or the things I experienced in psychosis were actually real and not psychosis. And all I have is a mood disorder?

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I know I should try to think like that, but I feel this really strong urge to understand myself and it’s taken a beating. I might ring my CPN tmrw, and ask him about it. I get on pretty well with him, maybe he can explain.

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I had no idea you could have both… I’m going to ring my CPN tmrw and ask him to explain. Maybe that will settle my mind.


I think the whole sza diagnosis is seen as controversial by a large amount of doctors. Some don’t like to use it at all. I think bipolar with psychotic features fits easier in their paradigm.


If that is the case, then why are so many people diagnosed with sza, bipolar type? It seems that everyone has that diagnosis.

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