Sunday, February 02, 2014
4:11 PM

He said he saw
Satan and Jesus Christ
I was too panic-stricken
to ask the question
I never asked him
how he expected
this all would end
I was too horrified
of the answer

These are the secrets
they wish to keep from
the general population
I am not who I seem to be
This is too much responsibility
for one person to bear
It never leaves me
I am already in Purgatory
my moribund soul
is of the utmost inconsequence
Our natural form belies us
like clothing
at this very moment
there are vultures
picking at my bones

His eyes
by some other world
returned to mine
welled with tears.


Hope you will write some more. I like the way you write :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I have notebooks and notebooks full- not all necessarily good though. I like your profile pic.

i dont like the part of the hamster, poor hamster
otherwise great piece of writing skills

Good to hear from you -

lol, and thank you very much. iā€™m a little self conscious to let/ask anyone to read the things i write. i kinda have a complex about it so when someone says they like it it really means alot to me.