Alienation and (being human)


I see so many people,
and they all know,
I’m walking in sorrow,
will they come?

So real, I’ve become mistaken and lost the keystone to my mind.
The archway crumbles,
Yet the consciousness somehow prevents the fall…

Mortaring my neural pathways with the thought that reality will balance for me. Plastering the walls of reality…

Am I even human?

They’re on the way, when they’re silent.
When they’re loud I go insane,
and when I really think about it
I don’t have freedom-just blame.

It’s hard to move forward, can’t make a mistake
I just hope that it will stop, yet they keep me awake.


@neveragain I went along w/your prompt it was a good one, keep them coming!

Alienation and (being human)

Who am I, why am I here
I’m just an alien, living in fear

Reality I seek, is self actualization
Meds I take, block this concentration

I search great minds from all of our history
What I learn, expands into more mystery

Am I human, or trapped inside one
Taking in air, revolving around the sun

Gravity lives, to keep the flesh grounded
Senses give, and alert what’s surrounded

The soul has no limitations, other than me
In every human being it’s meant to be free

Truth known by some
Origin by none

Alien or human, its a transcendence to infinity
And who you are, is much more than an identity