Making finances simpler and easier?

I pay all my bills online. I don’t really have many bills; I have my TV service bill, my internet/phone and my cell phone service plan bill. I have each of those automatically deducted from my credit card account at the same time each month. And I get to pick which day of the month I want those bills deducted. So there’s no pesky bills clogging up my mail box, no checks to write, no envelopes to remember to be mailed. Of course you need a credit card OR debit card account online. Or both. Setting those up is a one-time chore that is not too complicated.They just ask for some specific information like your name, address, etc. Also they ask you to make up a username and a password. it takes about ten or fifteen minutes to do this. Banking online makes things simpler too.I should address here why most people are wary of paying bills or having credit card accounts online.They think they will be hacked or someone will get their information and raid their account or run up huge bills in your name. While it is not impossible, I have never had this problem. Banks and credit card companies put safety measures in place to combat this problem. They are fully aware of peoples fears and do everything they can to make sure no one steals your money.
The advantages of having credit card accounts and bank accounts online are many. First of all. it saves a trip to the bank. You can do most of your banking online . Except of course depositing checks and withdrawing cash. But you can see your running balance in a minute at any time of day or night. you can see what your spending money on and how much. If you do bill pay you can either have your bills deducted from your checking account OR your credit card account.You can see your credit card balance online too and make a payment online and have it deducted from your checking account. I don’t have enough room to go into every detail but this is the most basic information. Good luck.


Once my payee is removed I’m going to be doing the same thing. I’ll have my SSI direct deposited into my account and my cable and phone auto-paid. I’ll just have to deal with my rent.

I used to flip through my new calender every January and write “RENT” in the grid for every first day of the month for the entire year. It helped me remember.

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I do all of my bill paying and banking online too. Also, Wells Fargo has a feature on their mobile app to deposit checks. All you have to do is position the check, and the app takes a picture. Then its deposited! Very simple and very convenient.

And I can also tranfser money to my savings account, or even to a friend’s account. I use this feature to pay my friend if he pays for a meal at a restaurant. Or to send money to family for birthdays and holidays. And theres no fee for the transfer.

I used to do things the oldschool check/envelope way. Now I see how much of a hassel that is. Plus it was hard to remember due dates for everything.

Online is the way to go!




Just curious: what kind of process do you have to go through to get rid of your payee?

I know it seemed like a major task to appoint my friend as my payee. We had to go to the Social Security office and wait for hours. Then speak with a Rep who had us sign tons of forms.

I’ve never changed, so I was just curious. I hope its not too much trouble for you.



I am wary about online banking so many require you to have a card reader and i am nervous about using such things.

What is a card reader? Is that a UK thing?

The main thing is that I’ll need a doctor to state that I can handle my own finances. I had a med check the other day and talked to the doc. He agreed to write a letter to the Social Security office. Tuesday I’m headed to the local SS office and I’ll probably have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. My current payee is going to have to transfer all the money left in my account and close it. I’ve got the direct deposit details for my account and I’ll take them in on Tuesday.

Some online games use physical authenticators like these. A friend of mine in Australia has one for his bank. Basically you use the device to authorize a transaction. It’s an added layer of security.

Wow, I’d never heard of customers having to use card readers. But I think that would make me feel more safe, even though its more hassle.

Thanks for showing me something new, @firemonkey!



Hey Malvok, someone was having problems the other day about sitting in crowded Social Services offices. TOO much avoidance isn’t healthy but may I suggest either making an appointment or getting there early before it opens and waiting outside to be one of the first ones in when they open the door? Even so-called “normies” do this. I do it here in California. It depends on the location but usually there are three or four people out there who have the same idea.

Good info Anthony. I’m going to look into that. Do you know if Bank of America has that feature? I guess it would be easy for me to call them on my phone tomorrow and ask. I can make transfers online too.

Everytime I’ve been to the SS office its been packed to the gills with standing room only. Its kind of triggering.

Great idea on getting there before it opens!



Their website says you can make mobile deposits with iphone and android smart phones. I have an older iphone. Not sure what kind of phone you have.



I have a Verizon flip phone. Oh well.

One thing that helps me is my job has direct deposit.

My sis set it up last year that we both deposit into a checking account. I’ve learned that we keep just enough in one account to pay bills. That is the account that cable, city light, phone, credit card have. when that account hits a certain limit, anything over that limit goes into our respective savings accounts. So if there is an online problem, or security break, there’s never more then a hundred extra that could get stolen. The other accounts don’t see the light of day and those numbers don’t get given out for anything.

Plus my sis LOVES Bank of America’s “Shop Safe” feature. Where in a few minutes, you can set up an one use credit card with a specific limit. So any new person you’re buying from can’t over charge or wipe you out.


Online banking worries me. I do it the old fashion way by check and mail. I have a calendar that I track when everything is due and when it needs to be mailed out by. It works for me, probably more work involved but its what I know. And my mom double checks my checking account once in awhile to make sure it is right. If I’m late with a payment I’ll call it in.

That is what I do for reporting to SSI.