Forgot to take my meds!

Forgot to take my meds yesterday! I have an app that reminds me. But I saw in the pill organizer that I missed them yesterday morning. :frowning:
Do I need two reminders? I thought I had taken them and checked them in the app. I hate my memory problems. I have missed them twice this month.

Comotose, what app do you use as a reminder.

Hey. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it helps me remember to take my meds if I do something at the same time consistantly like eat breakfast or brush my teeth. Best of luck. ~kristina

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MediSafe. It reminds me three times. But it won’t help if I believe I already took the meds.

I’m trying to do this so I won’t forget meds:
In the morning I take my meds with my coffee. I never forget the coffee. Then I set an alarm for when to take my daytime meds and get up and take them immediately when the alarm goes off. If I don’t do it immediately I forget about them. Then I take my night-time meds between 11-12 and if I forget it’s okay since I will get tired anyway and then remember. It helps to be very consistent about when you take them. If you forget them because you believe you have taken them, maybe it will help to set an alarm and consistently check if you’ve taken them when the alarm goes off even when you already know you have.

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Yip it is a bummer when we think we have taken mens.

I set up multiple Alarms on my cell phone, then after I take my med I will check it off on a list on my cell phone as well.

This works, I never forget to take my meds

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I have a medication reminder app and I have to tell the app that I’ve taken the meds and it records my decision, so I can look back and see.

If your app just alarms, then that’s not much good. Look around for an app that records your decision.

I really hate alarms so I use as few as possible. Especially repeated alarms.

Sorry, I see you said you checked it in your app.