Mad and guilty


Grrr. So I have to vent. I needed my car today, which I am letting my brother use for work. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell my brother this and woke him up at 3 to tell him, saying I needed my car tomorrow. This morning I hear him about to walk at the door. I wake up and am like wtf, you’re just going to leave when I told you I needed the car. He says, “you said tomorrow.” I said yes I did,but meant when you wake up, I meant today or else I wouldn’t have woken you up in the middle of the night.

Now I am just pissed and I proceed to tell him that he is ungrateful. (He never cleans, does housework, cook, mom takes him a lunch to work, and does his laundry) I tell him, "I’m not your mom, I don’t have to do ■■■■ for you. Even mom doesn’t HAVE to do ■■■■ for you. Yet we continue to do it and you’re completely ungrateful. (he’s very mean to our mom, disrespectful, says things like “shut up bitch” even though she does and always has done a lot for him.

I’m glad I said something, but I went about it all the wrong way. Flinging the f word around, and just being mad over the misunderstanding. He needs to grow up a lot, but also I know he has many of the issues I do. He was diagnosed as psychotic disorder NOS, then bipolar, and I don’t know what currently. I just shouldn’t have blown up on him. I could have talked with him civilly, some other time :frowning: Now I’m up, can’t sleep, mad, and feeling guilty. I let my emotions of anger get the best of me :frowning:

Thanks for reading, sorry for the rant.


I gave my mom a healthy share of grief, but I can’t imagine saying - “shut up, bitch” to her.


Yeah, I gave my mom a little grief in my teens. But he’s 22 now and its out of control. Mom gave him a good chunk of money for work key tests that are required to get hired on where he is a temp. She didn’t have it to give and was forced to do crafts (paint Christmas bulbs) just for gas money. A day later he was giving her a hard time about her not picking up his laundry, taking it to her house, and doing it. And telling her to fing shut up. It was pathetic and no one really says anything to him. I’m tired of his attitude, but handled the situation this morning poorly. But at the same time it needed said. He needs to grow up and I’m probably not helping the situation by enabling him some.


man, that sucks ! I think I would probably lose my temper with your bro too. don’t beat yourself up.


I am with you on this–it needed to be said.
We all blow up at times. Maybe next time, come here first and vent, then go back to talk with him.