Lumateperone November 18 2019

-PowerPoint file.


Very interesting! Thanks for that!

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Just one more month guys!!, s***, ive been waiting for this for like five years.

Wow that is amazing. I can’t wait!

I’m not opening that link.

But today is the 26th …

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It’s for Bipolar depression as well among other disorders.

I think its gonna be like Latuda + Abilify + benefits.

I wonder if this is worth pursuing at some point since I’m looking to switch APs.

Thanks for the link!

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I didn’t see a date on there but maybe I missed it, is it really only a month? I’ve been waiting a year maybe more but it sounds pretty good, I just hope it does it’s job and is different (better) than what is out now.

Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) date is on December 27 2019, is on the third page.

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It’s for sure going to be similiar to Latuda.

I see a good med among us !


This Christmas will be a good one, please my hope on this med to be approve.

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Would be an amazing Christmas gift. :gift:

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Yep, a game changer, our little world to rule over. I am excited and scared a little bit, lol, all this hope.

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‘one’ means there is a ketone, paliperidone (invega) is also an ‘one’ and it gets a lot of flak, I don’t think it will be like latuda but I do think it will be different, it has a pretty unique structure.

I don’t mean to be too picky about this stuff but I have a chemistry background and have always been interested in pharmaceuticals.


So is it going to be decided on dec 27rh that it’s approved ?

Oh ■■■■ you’re right.

Welcome to my life; I connect dots for a living.

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I have hope but I can’t say that I am optimistic about the price ha, maybe it will be affordable or maybe not.

I am scared to switch meds though, I don’t want to experience positive symptoms again if I don’t have to but I bet I am saturated pretty heavily with invega at this point so there probably wouldn’t be a period for symptoms to come on.

They ‘‘the’’ FDA will decide if its a go or not on 27th December or before.

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It’s cool man, I wish it were as easy as connecting dots, pharmacology is some pretty complicated stuff, some times stuff is that easy to connect, risperidone to paliperidone is one example, other times it’s just a mess.

I hope that lumateperone is just one of many improvements in the treatment of schizophrenia. I would love to have something that could tackle cognitive and negative symptoms.