Luck is relative, but

Putting it in perspective.
For the public In the 1800’s, insane asylums were entertainment. The patients themselves were often chained to walls inside, or put into boxes, or otherwise constrained Some of the rest were just confined to rooms to scream and rant by themselves. I’m sure everybody on here has heard the horror stories.
But the general public were given guided tours of the place to stare and laugh at the unfortunate inmates and to marvel at the insanity.
So I am very lucky that I have medication and was born in this day and age. And anyone on here should spend a few seconds realizing how much worse your life could be. If you have access to a computer and you can come on here you are luckier than a lot of schizophrenics worldwide.


they used to think that they were “possessed” in fact they still do chain people up in places like somalia.
i watched a bit on the news they went out into the sticks and there was a man who had been chained by his ankles by is father for 10 years they took him to a mental hospital bathed him gave him meds and he just had the massive smile on his face the whole time. it could be worse.

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Yeah life was tough back then. Everything would have been so much harder.

This hits home to me. I was born 4 years after the introduction of thorazine. 10 or 20 years earlier and I could have been lobotomized.

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I’ve seen people who were lobotomized… my church went to Lakeshore…a mental ill facility in Tennessee… and we would take them like picnics and play outside with them…we never went in…

and there were people who shuffled around and had big scars on their foreheads… it was very scary to me as a young child…

that was when i was a little girl so the 70’s… i doubt there is anyone still alive who had been lobotomized?

hugs to all