Lowering the Dose of my Ap due to TD

So I am taking Invega 117mg. I was taking it every 3 weeks but my psych doc wants to go back to every 4 weeks to try to reduce mouth quivers and hand tremors. He thinks that will help some of the TD symptoms. I’m concerned because I feel more stable when I take the Invega every 3 weeks. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Try it out if that doesn’t work you might have to switch meds TD is serious

You should get that addressed ASAP. According to the internet, it can spread quickly and become permemant.

Good luck on the lower dose.Sometimes meds with a lower dopamine occupancy have fewer side effects, e.g. Seroquel, Clozaril, etc.

Thanks for your responses. I’m going to try it and see if it works. I’ve been having TD symptoms for 2 and a half years. I hope it’s not too late.

I’ve tried Seroquel for several years and it stopped working after awhile. I had multiple relapses and hospitalizations while on it.

Just an update. So I tried taking Invega Sustenna every 4 weeks but I had breakthrough symptoms. So my psychiatrist added 2mg of Risperidone. That didn’t work. So, at yesterday’s visit he said I should go back to every 3 weeks. That’s when the mouth quivers and the hand tremors started. Has anyone heard of doing maybe 24 days or something in between instead of 3 or 4 weeks?.

There are meds for TD, have you tried them?

I’ve been told benedryl can help and it’s OTC

It’s very hard to give you an advice. But let me say it this way. Your doc has to lower your antipsychotic and the try some other modern antipsychotics on you
until you get a satisfying result.

I also had to lower/stop my AP because I developed TD. My advice: don’t be afraid to advocate for unusually slow tapering schedules. Doctors tend to wildly underestimate how hard withdrawal can be. I had to bug my doc for a while about doing a slow taper rather than dropping me cold turkey. I also ended up having to pay out of pocket for a liquid form of my medication (I was on oral capsules) so I could taper even more slowly. It took me 8 months all together because I was so cautious, but I was successful. I do have some mild TD symptoms that have stuck around, but they have mostly gone away. I switched to a new med regimen, and it’s working well so far.