Back where I started

Just an update. So I tried taking Invega Sustenna every 4 weeks but I had breakthrough symptoms. So my psychiatrist added 2mg of Risperidone. That didn’t work. So, at yesterday’s visit he said I should go back to every 3 weeks. That’s when the mouth quivers and the hand tremors started. Has anyone heard of doing maybe 24 days or something in between instead of 3 or 4 weeks?.

It’s probably going to be either three weeks or four weeks, not likely to be in between. I get the Abilify Maintena shot every three weeks, because it wasn’t lasting quite the full four weeks.

I’m fortunate not to have side effects like you experience, though. I’d say Abilify has made me more impulsive, especially when it comes to money, but that’s the only noticeable problem I have with it.

You can get invega pills. Maybe that would allow you to fine tune your dose.