Low levels of vitamin D poorly responsive to daylight exposure in patients with therapy-resistant schizophrenia

CONCLUSION: The vitamin D deficiency of therapy-resistant schizophrenia patients is pronounced and cannot be explained by differences in skin pigmentation or by an inactive, indoor lifestyle on the ward. Even theoretically sufficient exposure of the patients to daylight did not ameliorate the low vitamin D levels.

CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: While vitamin D deficiency probably plays a role in somatic health problems, it may also play a role in schizophrenia. Interestingly, exposure to daylight during an unusually sunny spring was not sufficient to correct the vitamin D deficiency seen in the patients. This emphasizes the need to measure and correct vitamin D levels in these patients.


I concur. I had low vitamin D levels pre-illness, and I still have it, despite adequate sun exposure and taking supplements too. Something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark hehe…

I take vitamin D in the mornings with my meds and other supplements, today I have felt that I am full of energy in this very sunny spring day, I have been outdoors today quite a lot walking and riding my bicycle.

vitamin D boosts energy levels