Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Schizophrenia, Study

People suffering from Vitamin D deficiency are twice more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than those with sufficient levels of it, according to a new study by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

“When we examined the findings of several observational studies on vitamin D and schizophrenia, we found people with schizophrenia have lower vitamin D levels than healthy people. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common among people with schizophrenia,” said one of the study authors, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, in a press release.

This is the first study to highlight the relationship between the two conditions.

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I wonder if this is because anyone with a MI tend to stay inside more. Vitamin D from the sun-right? I always think about that particular vitamin-along with a lot of others-…If you go outside for just a little whilre each day, stop slathering on the sunscreen-unless you are out in direct sunlight for hours-why would you have to take this? How can you get the sun in a plastic pill?

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Here in Seattle (aka rain city) vitamin d deficiency gets talked about a lot. We also have a lot of S.A.D. There are a lot of articles focusing on S.A.D. and the pacific north west.

If you can’t get out in the sun, due to not having any sun for a few weeks, or having that schedule where you get inside to work before the sun comes up around 8:00 a.m. and you don’t get out of work before 4:30 p.m. around sunset, then light therapy lamps become a big help.

My brother used to think it was all just a money making plot, but we got a light therapy lamp from our Aunt and this year my brother did so much better with the S.A.D. symptoms then in years past.

I blush to admit it, but so did I. :blush:

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Don’t you guys have a lot of vampires in Seattle @kidsister? Just kidding. So much for the Twilight Saga. I have a vitamin d deficiency, I try getting sunshine being in sunny California, but my body just doesn’t absorb it well enough so I take calcium with vitamin d.

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It is pretty commen in Sweden too. Half of the year is dark and we hardly get any sun. I eat vit D pills in vinter. My psdoc checked my D vitamine and it was too low last october.

I have always had problems with SAD in the winter months. This year, I started vitamin D supplementation and it made a HUGE difference. My mood seemed to stay consistently upbeat for the entire winter.

Since I was having such positive results, I’ve continued with the vitamin D every day. And I can tell that it’s noticeably improved my depression.

So I’m sticking with it!