Low Vitamin D Common in Schizophrenia

> "We recommend that, serum vitamin D levels should be measured in patients with schizophrenia especially in long term care. Appropriate further treatment with add-on vitamin D supplements and diets that are rich in vitamin D should be considered."


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Every morning I have two pills that have vitamin D. This is addition to my antipsychotic meds.

Very useful to know.

I was too low on vit D a couple of years ago. I eat vit D pills during winter. We only have a few hours of sun during daytime.

Same here, I’ve been vitamin d deficient for years now and it runs in my family

I am currently vitamin d deficient, we don’t know why because I’ve been on supplements for years but I am currently in somewhat of an episode…

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I have a vitamin D deficiency and am currently supplementing with D3.
I also have low Testosterone levels and found out that a vitamin D deficiency can lower Testosterone levels.
Hopefully now my D and Testosterone will rise

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