Low Cost Medications on the Dark Web - Anyone Tried this?

I saw this article the other day - and it got me thinking about the many people here who have problems affording their medications even with insurance (and god help you if you don’t have insurance).

Has anyone ever tried purchasing medications on the Dark Web before - and do you have any experiences to share, good or bad?

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even with insurance - Per month I am paying around 120 bucks for Abilify. And the insurance is like 80% coverage =(

It is crazy. Usually though, docs give cheaper meds if you ask them. Like my aunt is taking Respiridone and it is like 10$
and my mom also takes very cheap meds. I think the antipsychotic she takes is like 4 $ per month (maybe the government is covering it not sure ?

it can be dangerous… but if you stick to just meds… buy in low dosage at first to make sure your actually getting what you bought… it could be a life saver…its just navigating that place safely is difficult…

From reading the article it sounds like many of the medications are just the regular medications sold in other countries like India - and they are fine, and there are some rating processes for the resellers - so people can provide feedback on the sellers just like on regular websites. Its interesting.


I did that 1 time ended up in the hospital

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that sounds good it sounds like you could completely avoid the seedier parts of the dark web and get good meds at low low prices… but i would not stray away from that into other parts…

Were you buying medications or street drugs?


according to the article most of the silk road is as advertised…and rather pure… of course purchasing street drugs and having them ups’d to your house is asking for trouble… could you get in trouble for getting aps through the mail with no script? im unsure how the gov has labeled them…

If you’re gonna go on the dark web, make sure you do it through a proxy because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, well it is where I’m from anyway! And there’s always the chance that you could be buying fake goods so be careful guys ! :slight_smile:

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Lamictal 25 mg saus enough

There are honeypots everywhere. Even “reliable” or known drugs sites have their sting operations. That being said, so long as you take all the steps necessary to remain anonymous, you probably won’t be in any legal trouble, but you are highly likely to get scammed.

Foreign Pharmacies

It’s illegal for Americans to order drugs from any pharmacy located outside the United States, including Canada or Mexico. This is a law imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); in some circumstances, that law may be overlooked and not enforced. Sometimes the FDA looks the other way. Learn more about the FDA’s rules for purchasing from foreign pharmacies, and the potential non-enforcement of those rules.

Additional considerations for making sure your online drug purchase is legal:

Be sure you can answer all these questions with a yes, according to FDA, Federal Trade Commission, and Drug Enforcement Agency requirements:

• Does the pharmacy ask for a prescription? As described above, you must supply a bona fide, doctor-signed prescription. A questionnaire is not good enough.

• Is the pharmacy licensed in the state in which it is located? Find your state’s Board of Pharmacy to determine its licensing. If it is not licensed there, or if you can’t find its location, then it may be offshore, located in another country. Learn more about purchasing drugs from foreign pharmacies.

• Do they offer an opportunity to have a phone conversation with a pharmacist? Note - that does not ask whether there is a toll-free number.

It asks whether there is a pharmacist available to consult with. Do not order a drug from an online drug store until you have dialed that phone number and spoken to the pharmacist, even if you have to ask (what you consider) a lame question. The key is confirming there is a bona fide pharmacist on staff.

Once you are certain your purchase will be legal, or if you want to be sure you can locate a pharmacy that can legally sell you a prescription drug, learn more about how to safely and legally purchase drugs from an online pharmacy.

for americans this may be tricky but im sure each country has diff laws and should be consulted first…

@spiderpig again you beat me with the proxy thing…i was trying to figure out how to word it without it being scary as crap… but yea don’t go into the silk road without atleast a proxy…

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