Does anyone order off the Dark Web?

I was thinking of ordering some Valium off the dark net and wanted to know if anyone else does or has done it. I’m paranoid about it coming to my house so I’m going to use an old apartment building of mine. Lemme know your experiences…

I would be too afraid the government would know. Places like that are watched. They know stuff about us.

Real talk as long as your bitcoin isn’t tied to ur name, and as long as you use Tails with a public internet there’s absolutely no way to hunt anyone down. It sounds bad but tails is what predators use to be anonymous. But yea that’s not the issue. If u order overseas it has to go thru customs and that’s how u get caught. ALWAYS order in the same country it’s shipping from.

I used to by drugs with bitcoin when I was younger.

Its a considerable risk.

Mostly at risk of getting ripped off, which happens about half the time.

A small, but serious risk that you could get in trouble.

Even more, this is the second time you’ve posted about taking medication that is not prescribed to you,

Which is a problem all by itself.


■■■■ someone’s on the prowl. Good lookin our. I’d use a different address but I see how it appears: I’m abusing drugs… is it really worth it? In my opinion it just passes the time and I make sure not to have a dependency. I’m limited in what I can do and since I was younger drugs make up a lot of fun I could (potentially) have. I’ve been ripped off and haven’t gotten anything legitamite so go figure. If u have any tips that u learned feel free to send em my way.

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Just to be clear,

I’m not judging you, man.

At all.

But I’ve justified the same things and tried to keep my dependency in check,

It just doesn’t work.

I know you know that.

Anyway, when I used to do this, we had a PO box under a bogus name.

It wasn’t at the post office though, I think it was through Fed EX because the post office required ID.

I read that they put trackers and gps devices in packages that go to po boxes that are seized by customs. I’m not going to go nuts but some Valium wouldn’t be bad. I have a stupid court order for 2-3 more months so it’s only a little Ativan I’m allowed until I switch docs. Ur completely right, but it’s one of those things…

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You should probs just stick it out until you can switch doctors.

If you’re paranoid about GPS trackers, you don’t need to be ordering stuff off the internet.

It’ll make you crazy.

And what if it works out?

Do you really feel like you can be responsible with bulk amounts of benzos?

Just stuff to think about.

I might take your advice. It’s just so hard to have fun these days when I feel flat on the medicine I take.

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The possibilities that exist because of the dark web scare me.

Tell me about it. I heard there’s this website called the Human Experiment that shows all these doctors who experiment on homeless people for pain tolerance and stuff it’s so messed up.

That’s scary, unless they take a very moderate course in the experiment. Nothing like the Germans or Japanese in World War II.

No it’s pretty much as bad as nazi experiments. It’s the basis for the movie Hostel.

Somebody needs to put a stop to that quickly. Maybe they could interest our free press in a story like that. Or maybe report it to the appropriate government agency. As you can tell, I am not antigovernment.

Problem is with anonymity they can’t catch them really. Same reason why people still buy drugs online, if u use Tails and a vpn you’re uncatchable.

I’ve wondered about people buying weapons on the dark web. They might be able to buy high explosives or something like that. There are probably low-lifes out there who would sell high explosives to terrorist groups or other violent organizations.

From a certain perspective, this thread is hilarious. Good luck everyone on your endeavors. :grinning:


Im pretty sure this is not the easiest or safest way to go about this…

What’s the safest way for him to get unnecessary Valium then?


I was just reading it over and thought maybe it should be moved to unusual beliefs…