Love will set you free

without love, where would we be?

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We would be…free?

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Amen to that !.

Love conquers all !!

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what is love???


they never answered the question, just said ‘baby dont hurt me’ idk what that means lol

it is a good song but…

i still dont know what love is

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Love is when you are happy just by UNSELFISHLY giving and not receiving anything in return.

Your happiness is only in UNSELFISHLY GIVING and you are unhappy when you lose that opportunity to GIVE.

Love is basically TO GIVE, GIVE and GIVE.

When you “EXPECT”/DESIRE/WANT something – It is not LOVE. It is selfishness.

Love restricted to 1 person is not really Love.



thats sounds good but it leads me to my next question…

where does it come from?

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You’re philosophical today @daydreamer :smile:

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I love love songs.

It makes me feel freeeee

i’m just curious @Minnii i’d like to know how everything works, where it comes from,

i just want to try and decipher the code lol

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I get that, I’m like that too. Freedom from all the questions. What is color? what is light? what is existence? Oh god, there are so many of them :smile:

existence is a biggy, trying to decipher that too, i was at a study group talking about that last night and i had to leave a few times because of stupid nerves but it was a great talk, and i loved it

Well, I believe we’ll get the answers when we die. I hope so. I’m gonna be a very happy psychotic marijuana smoker old lady then lol

i want answers now, i dont want to wait until i am dead, it might be too late for me by then :confused:

That’s what I thought, then I ended up psychotic and my mind came up with all these answers for everyting. Now I just prefer not to know. Thinking a lot about it just drives me crazier.

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i know there are people that cant handle it, sometimes its too powerful and it can overwhelm a person, its a terrible thing,

a member of ours had to get help and went into hospital, i like to think that God can help him and then i think that he does in his own way,

like if it wasnt for god the people would not be caring for him and there would be no medicine, all of these things are god given i think bc there would be nothing without him.


I’m not going to pursue this conversation, it’s triggering for some (even for me), and of course you have every right to believe in your own beliefs, who is anyone to say otherwise?

but for the sake of forum guidelines I’ll keep my mouth shut about god issues.

I thought I was God and developed a theory about existence that still lingers with me. Maybe someday I’ll talk about that, I just don’t believe in it anymore.