Love will set you free

ok, i guess i could flag my own thread lol

it is in the unusual beliefs section though, idk if that makes a difference

i flagged it because i dont want to trigger people on this thread

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I want to know, im desperate. and believe me I am desperate.

can you share it with me?.

No, I’m sorry, It’s not an answer I would give you, it would just be another delusion. I’ll keep it to myself.

I just got struck with another delusion @Minnii - i really felt i was injected right now …

anyway, believe me Ive been through life a LOT…A LOT.

Many times I have contemplated just be done with it…But I do need to know the truth of existence. You may know the truth just that you are not believing in it. KINDLY a REQUEST YOU TO TELL ME…You may just save my life…It could be the truth .you are just not believing it. else I will never know .

anyway I leave it to you. If you dont, then dont tell me.

It wouldn’t make sense to you if I told you, it’s not a simple explanation, it has to do with my life and I’m not gonna tell you my entire life and everything in it so it makes sense to you. It was a grandiose delusion, that’s all it was. It’s not the truth, at least your truth, who knows it just might be just my truth.

I’m sorry you’re suffering, I still believe you need help. I wish you would reconsider meds.

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medication is part of the plan x

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Truth is ONE. Of course everyone who experiences truth will turn out to be different personalities . A Buddha cannot be a Jesus or a Kabir or a Osho or a Mohammed. Everyone will be different…You will remain Minnii and if I discover something I will remain me. No two persons can ever be the same.

But the TRUTH is one. There cannot be 2 truths.
But thats ok. I respect your choice to not disclose it. Thanks.

and god so loved the mentally ill that he sent loving angels in the form of doctors, nurses and carers to do his good work on earth and he put in the hands of the mentally ill medications