||| ]]][[[ ||| Love Thy Self ||| ]]][[[ |||


Love Thy Self.


Because We All Have, in Some Strangely Beautiful Way, Have Felt, Some Sort of Love.

Think About Your Past, Near or Far.

You Were Held as a Baby at Least Once.


Someone Held a Door Open For You, at Least Once.


You’ve Seen a Beautiful Sunset at Least Once.


You’ve Petted a Cat or Pup at Least Once.


You’ve Found Yourself Dancing to a Great Song at Least Once.


You’ve Eaten a Delicious Apple And Felt Your Belly Smile, at Least Once.


Someone Once Smiled at a Joke You Told, at Least Once.


The List Goes On And On And On.

Now it is Easy, Trust Me I Know. It is Easy to Focus on The Negative’s.

But isn’t it Actually More Fun to Rest in The Sphere of Love?.

Instead of The Fear of Pain?.

Some of Us Are So Familiar With Pain We Sometimes See it as Some Odd Form of Love.

Trust Me.

It Isn’t.


If You Find Yourself Looking Around And There is No One to Share Your Love With.

Follow Demi Lovato, And Sing Along When She Beautifully Sings, ‘I Love Me’!.

Or Don’t, It’s Up To You Honestly.


How About Instead,

Show The Haters How Far You’ve Made it.

And I Dunno, Send a Message to Miley Cyrus, That You’d Like to See Her Merge With Some Amazing Female Artist’s.

Kinda Like Demi Lovato.

Or Hayley Williams.

Or Ariana Grande.

Or Selena Gomez.

Or Katy Perry.

Maybe Even Some of Your Personal Favorites!.

I Dunno Maybe Even Get Michelle Obama Involved With The Choreography!.

Kinda Like an Amazing Lady Gaga Video (!!!).


And Love Thy Self (!!!)… . … :heartpulse: :right_anger_bubble: :heartpulse:


Will you be my lover @ATARI?

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I’m Good, Thanx

And as You Celebrate The Truth of Your Unforgettable Love.

Perhaps, Spin to Rihanna, & Taylor Swift Along With The Rest of Beautiful Angels Mentioned, And Start a Revolution of Love.

I’d Try But I Talk to Much Already.


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Seriously? :laughing::laughing::laughing: that was funny.


It is good to feel loved even when we don’t think we are. I don’t know about Taylor swift though. I don’t like her voice.

To Each His or Her Own.

But What a Bank Account She Owns!.

Must Be Up to Something Good…,

Not to Mention Always Lifts Me Up When I Can’t Find The Constructive Creativity. In My Pockets… . … :100:

Yep, she is wealthy!

I do like how certain songs that can inspire and make you feel better. I myself like Rise Up when I am depressed.

I Am Curious How Do You Feel About Jennifer Lopez, Or Paris Hilton (???)… . … :100:

If Those Beautiful Women Don’t Suit Your Tastes, How About The Youthful Glamour of Billie Eilish (???)… . … :100:

Oh I don’t care for them. But I’m kind of old school. I’m more of a classical and Disney song person. The latter mostly because I have kids though. I could recite akuna matata if you want, which I doubt you do.

Feel Free (!!!).

That Song Would Make a Great Addition to The Thread.

And Close it Off, With ‘The Circle of Life’. :100:

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@anon98459728 @ThePickinSkunk


(by) (the) (way)…,

Demi Lovato AND Katy Perry is Pregnant!.

How Exciting!.

So If Anyone in Thus Forum is Looking For a Friend to Join in On That Amazing Miraculous Mission, If You Find Yourself Left Behind.

Then Keep Your Feet Grounded!.

And Look For Updates Every Once in Awhile!.

A Friend is a Friend is a Friend is a Friend (!!!).

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE (!!!)… . … :100:

Get pregnant? Dear god no!!’!!!

If You Already Are

Unlikely since I had a hysterectomy. But there might be some people who would like to get on board. I mean you don’t need alone isolation, right?

Another Great Group in The Sphere of Musical Journey’s is Radiohead.

A Rock Solid Iron Foundation of Wander, Wonder, And Beauty.

Keeps it Cools Kid’s (!!!). :slight_smile: