Love not Pot is the cure to our illness!

If you want a 20 year addiction, then ask your Doc. for Pot, if you want to be cured, LOVE!


Not to rain on your parade, but there is no cure, not even love.

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love not combined with intelligence is impotent

True dat, love really was the cure, for if we loved we wouldn’t force anyone else to be here and get ■■■■■■ by life.

See, love is the cure for all that ails us, we wouldn’t force anyone else to be here, we’d just find a way out because it’s imminent suffering and horrible shitty death for all.

No one who loved their child would throw them into this shithole. It’s the cure.

Have you considered that your ongoing suffering may be directly related to your negative outlook on life, as in, self-fulfilling prophecy? There are plenty of SZs with good lives and loving families. I’m one of them. Reality isn’t as ugly as you make it out to be. :smile:



No, thats not it, my suffering is someone else, oops i mean something else, because im sick and not being tortured by them.

You’ll all join me soon, i know what happens as time goes by, frogs in a pot, when the water is still cool people are positive for some reason, but when it heats up they change their minds, and if they make it long enough they beg for death.

And you have family? Sorry to hear that, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I often wonder which one of my family will get it first, who will have to watch who die, and before that how is life going to ■■■■ us all before it happens?

It’s not a self fulfilling prophecy at all, i was dragged down by them, they have burnt my life, they took everything, it’s been hell. So my ongoing suffering is caused by nothing more than my ongoing suffering, im not making myself suffer, i don’t have a good life, it’s not my outlook at all, it’s just hurt for very long and in such a bad way.

I was once very positive, i was fine, had my health, had fun things to do, i was intelligent before pills, but it was all yanked out from under me like a carpet and i was left with the bare floor.

Seriously, ■■■■ this place, and everyone gets it at some point to, ■■■■ this goddamn place.

I vote for love. Sure it hasn’t CURED me, but it did get me over my anger phase. Being given love and friendship when I felt the most alone and misunderstood got me over some very dark times and made me see that I do have some reason for living.

Sure, love did NOT cure my Sz. Yes, I am fully aware, there is no cure. But love made me promise never to try to leave this life again. It gave me some strength to work with my family and try the new meds and try to keep working towards better days.

Yes, I do know there are people who are in a negative phase, and when I was in my negative swing, “LOVE” didn’t get me out of it. Meds and therapy did.

But love and patience sure did cushion some of the harder bumps in the road for me.


Actually, I’m going to get back to packing. Family is moving to a new home with lots of parks and two lakes nearby. Wife has an awesome new job and I’m looking forward to a fresh start with my photography in a new area with a larger population. The kidlet is excited about going to her new school in the fall. It’s all good. :wink:

Hope things start looking up for you soon, dude, and that you’re able to start finding and enjoying the positive things your world sooner rather than later.


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Good luck on the move and hope it’s smooth. Glad the kidlet is looking forward to a new school. It’s hard being the new kid at a school. I hope all goes well for you.

Love sounds good to me.

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Love is the cure for depression, loneliness, anxiety, and madness.
Love is healing in many ways, physically and emotionally.