Love is love is love

I know some of you have told me you don’t even try to date cuz of potential problems or ultimately being heartbroken in the end. But I have kept my heart open knowing with this illness that it is so important to have that person as an example of how we should treat ourselves. I look into this mirror of the man in my life right now and it all makes sense to me. No more madness. No more pain.

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Just sounds like your doing the old trick of love will just make all my problems just magically go away. Been there many a time.

Maybe yeah but those who recover the best get that extra care of someone special.

A lot of pressure for the relationship though. Also open to a great deal of disappointment.

No honey no person is an island unto himself you stop reasoning and just allow it to blossom. It takes a certain amount of courage my kids taught me that.

Think you missed the point. It’s about happiness is internal ie not putting conditions on being happy.

A relationship is for sharing time together that hopefully includes being happy together.
Nothing wrong with that.

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Well, like, I love to go swimming. And it is summer here and we have beautiful fresh water ponds and lots of salt water beaches. But I’m scared.


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Yep. Yep. Always worth it though.

I’m glad you found someone Daze. You deserve it ! good for you !

Meh. I can wait for another lifetime to seek out a mate. Hell, from what my visions have been revealing (if at all truthful), it seems like I’m going to a land of polyamorism & open relationships. “Love” is no longer singularistic but pluralistic, at least in my dreams.

I dunno. It seems there has just been too much “open” history with humankind to think the “perfect marriage” will ever work. I’m cool with it if the population between poly & mono folk is somewhat balanced… as if to say there is no dominance or polarizing of people in society for being “outside” of any sexual norm - like being poly instead of mono, etc…

“Love is love is love” is a lyric from an Enya song, correct? “Amarantine”?

I couldn’t hear her lyric “Amarantine”, though. I kept listening very closely and the lyric kept getting subliminated as “amor on time”. Amor means “love”. So, “love on time”.

I kept thinking to myself, and this was back in Spring of this year while listening to that tune, that “true love” is on time, I’m just not in the future where it resides. So, to me, it sounded like “Amor on time” (x3) “Love is love is love”.

That’d be crazy to live in a universe where every individual found their true love.

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I say go for it! But don’t expect him to fix all of your problems. Be sure he is supportive and be on the lookout for signs that he might be trying to take advantage of of you. That said…

I don’t know if you’ve seen any of my posts but I’m engaged to a guy named C and my life has become stedily better since I even met him not to mention started dating. The reason for that is that he is supportive, honest, and respectful. He’s also protective, but when you mention something like that you have to offset it with explaining that protective doesn’t mean jelous nut case.

Women tend to have the image of a knight in shining armor riding out to slay a dragon and save them. The thing that some women don’t seem to understand is there are some dragons they have to slay too.