Is it hallucinations?

When I hear a sound but don’t know if others can hear it and can’t trust myself on it? I heard a faint noise and still can but on the far periphery of my hearing.

Been having a lot of hypnagogic hallucinations lately, more than usual the last few days. I know it’s normal but to what extent?

I missed a dose of haloperidol yesterday took half dose but bed hallucinations happened before that.

I hear sounds on periphery of sleep but then I wake up and I’m paranoid till sleep takes me again.

Sometimes I’m unaware if I slept except I remember dreams I had then I know I slept a bit. But then I wake up over and over again.


I hear the fear. What in real life supports do you have?

Hubby and sister and pdoc and soon to be therapist

Hypnagogic hallucinations?

Hallucinations that happen when one is half falling asleep

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