Lots of us go wrong here

Basically taken we all are inviduals with our weaknesses and strengths. So when you stop for a second and think “Why do I want to prove I can do this?” As a musician, I can make music, but I know I can’t be a prime minister. A prime minister may really suck in music though. Why would I like to be a boring one?? I don’t!!! :joy::blush::blush:


I used to compare myself to normies a lot. I’d see someone being successful and then wish I could be doing the same thing as them.

But we’re all on our own path. It really doesn’t make sense comparing yourself to other people.


I tend to compare myself negatively compared to other people, because other people won’t stop making those comparisons themselves. I need to find a way to defend against these kinds of attacks. I can’t just continually allow them to roll off my back.


A versus B is stupid indeed.

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I struggle with this a lot. I see others who are achieving more than me, and I try to push myself to be like them. Then, I inevitably push myself too far, and crash. I need to remember that my best life will look different than other people’s best lives.


I’m too much on the surface and want to hide myself in a dungeon.

I know i have an illness and for most of my life I’ve been a wreck. But I also know others who don’t have any illness that are unhappy and who have not had many opportunities to do as well as some and who have made some poor choices early on.
I think it’s easy to look to others who appear to be doing so much and to compare ourselves with them. But I think when you also see that there are many more people who don’t have it so great for other reasons that it’s easier to put some perspective on this. I know several people who may seem to have it great, but when i talk to them, they have their own problems and health worries and many difficulties i don’t have.


I also crash when I am pushed to do things I can not do due to symptoms.

Even when I was forced to go to sea world and swim with dolphins when I was psychotic …
I suffered immensely.

I got to stand my ground and not let other people push me and by doing so make me worse or put me in hospital.

I have learnt to do what I can and feel up to.
Not compare to others but compare with myself.

I am proud of myself in many ways despite that I do not work .

I try to do good and have things to do.

I wanted to be a care worker but I can’t.
My symptoms…

I am proud for managing daily life and assisting where I can etc

I may have a brain damage from schizophrenia and a crash etc


I see a high functioning Normie like my brother and am Amazed at all the things he’s achieved over the years.
I wish I could achieve just a fraction of what he’s accomplished, but my damned illness gets in the way all the time!

I just can’t do it.
I sometimes feel like a loser and wish I wasn’t cursed with this Awful illness.

I have to stop comparing my life to Normie’s lives.

I’m doing the best that I can do considering the circumstances.

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