The future

I wonder sometimes if I’m going to find the joker to my Harley Quinn, am I too late in the search? I’ve got my flaws. Will I win in life? Did I already fail?
I don’t understand how some people just have a normal life, fall in love, marry and have kids? Do they have struggles too like us? Or Do they just have minor inconveniences compared to the rest of us?


You ask some interesting questions. I don’t think you ever fail nor is it too late to succeed. Although you can waste your whole life in the wrong mindset. I’m trying to be content for what I have. Maybe other stuff will come naturally. But trying to find the inner love. Love of yourself. First, before I find anyone else’s. It’s not the conventional path, but I’ve never been a conventional guy. Some people are comfortable in their own world. I felt I always felt the need to be accepted into all worlds. Hard path to enjoy and not go crazy too. I’m trying now to accept I won’t fill every avenue and to gain content with my alleyway. Do my own thing and f everyone to some extent. But be appreciative of everything too. I am on my way to love I think this route.

I think everybody has problems in life. It can be difficult for anyone, not just those with mental illness. We just have different struggles than the average person. I think we like to romanticize our struggles and feel like we are set apart and have a harder time than anyone else but I don’t know that this is true. As far as your situation goes, don’t give up. As long as you’re breathing there is hope. You can achieve good things and even find happiness. lots of people have done it.


Just to clarify

  1. Who do you mean by “the rest of us”?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What do you think you may have failed at?

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