Lost my wallet

anyone finds it please return lol, i had to cancel my cards and everything :frowning:
what a pain in the ass and i lost money grrr


That’s happened to me before. It’s indeed a complete pain.

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That sucks man. Did it have loads of cash in it? I try not to carry too much cash just for this reason.

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Oh man, I’m sorry @Resilient1.
That is a pain in the neck.

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@anon35166066 luckily i limit my wallet to about £30 but idk i think i had £40 in it

it was a nice day out me and my friend went on and it would have been perfect but for that, i was very upset so i drove to my mums and she gave me some money and i had pizza

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cant believe it :frowning: i just found my effing wallet in my bed,

wtf is it doing there? i never take it in there :confused: ffs i just cancelled my cards and everything, i’m such an idiot

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