Feeling okay today, easy day

Not great, but okay. Had an easy day, a day off from work (had the whole weekend off, too). My big things for the day were getting my vehicle worked on and stopping by my friend’s house on the way home. Other than those two things I’ve just been chillin.

New semester starts tomorrow, always get a little nervous about meeting my new students. I want to make a good impression, don’t want to mess up and start tripping over my own words, as I sometimes do, or have my mind wander while I’m talking. Hopefully I’m in for a good semester.

I like to post positive threads when I can, just as I have posted less positive stuff when I’ve been feeling down or freaked out.

Anyone else have a decent or good day today? :slight_smile:


Hey freakonaleash, my day is going good so far. I kinda slept it away though haha.


Well hey, that’s okay, as long as you’re feeling good. :slight_smile:


Haha thanks man. Yeah I was kinda feelin’ down in the dumps last night - but I’ve snapped out of it. :slight_smile:


It started off a little doubtful. I got up and went to work and when I arrived there I found out my wallet wasn’t in my back pocket. I searched my car and It wasn’t in there. Dread hit me. i had lost it about a month ago and I had to cancel my credit cards and my debit card and replace my drivers license, get new medical insurance cards etc.I didn’t want to do that all again.

I had gone to 7-11 the first thing this morning and I suspected I had left it on the counter and walked off. So all day at work I was wondering if I left at 7-11 or if I had dropped it on the 4 block walk to get to my car. I got home from work and I cancelled a dental appointment so I could call and cancel my credit cards and call all the other places I belong to so if someone found my wallet, they couldn’t use my card.

And then…I was 90% sure I had taken my wallet with me when I left my house this morning but on a whim I opened my nightstand drawer and Wham! There was my wallet!! I was so relieved. It was pretty anti-climatic.


I thought I lost my wallet today too! I thought I may have dropped it on the way to an eye appointment, so I retraced my steps, and even dug through my trash thinking I could have accidentally thrown it out. Eventually found it in a secret pocket of my backpack. :confused: huge relief.

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pretty much the same decent day, every day. been coding a project for weeks. when i finish, it’ll be a good day.