Lost loved ones make me think a lot

the ones I’ve lost over the years kind of just pop up from things like music, or just random thoughts…I am still pretty sad over my dad dying last year. we were distant but maybe why it bugs me so much…I feel like I should have seen him before he died but every time my sister and brother went they flew and I couldn’t afford it. He’s gone…it’s over…so why do I still think about it.? I also think of all the friends and other family members that died a lot…some makes me happy memories, some make me sad…usually I feel better after thinking on them…


Thankfully I still have my mom around but if I ever lose her before me I would be sad and regret that I did not do enough for her.


I lost my dad when i was 11. He had sz and died of a drug overdose. He wasnt in my life much, but man did his death effect me. Im 38 now and still think of him often. He use to ride a harley, so those remind me of him. He was a mechanic and i was told he use to stop on the side of the road when someone needed help, so just seeing someone off the side of the road makes me think of him and how kind he was to help strangers like that. I think ita normal for deaths to effect you like that. People touch each others lives and when theyre gone it means something and leaves a hole.


Papa has been gone nearly two years. I still have my mom so I’m grateful. It’s hard. I get upset some days. But it’s nice to remember your folks.