For the loved ones we've all lost

I lost many friends growing up, and I’ve lost all my grandparents from both sides of my family…I still think of all of them all the time…just something I do with all the time on my hands…remembering grandmas chicken fried steak dinners, fishing with both grandpas, hanging out with Devin and MIke…both gone from one circle of friends i had in high school, there’s Adam who died at 17 from doing downers and alcohol…his ghost visited me as he died that night, I didn’t know until the next morning when mom dropped the paper in my lap and asked,“isn’t that adam the one you know?” it was…


I get “visitations” from time to time from dead people I’ve loved dearly. It’s very sweet. I find myself missing nostalgia sometimes & seeking out that “slipping through time” feeling. I dunno, I guess I just think that memories are important. Hard to not get lost in it, though.


We never mourned the death of our loved ones that much in our family. We always figured they lived a long and happy life, and death was inevitable. I do feel a little bad about both my mom and dad’s death, because they weren’t peace parted souls. They were basically good people, though.

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I lost my father, brother, son, and mother to death all in a space of 11 years. I lost my best friend and my ex husband to relocations to different states. I lost another dear friend to death a year ago. I miss them all.


I’m so sorry @SkinnyMe.


Whoa I’m sorry 111111111111

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