I’ve got a gloom and dome feeling and I have no clue why… I feel like… I’m drowning in something… I haven’t cried in so long… Maybe that’s why… My mom and I are dress shopping and looking at my dad’s headstone that will have her name on it as well… I feel… grief I guess… I wish I could sleep through today… Will I feel this way every time I go to dad’s grave… I feel torn apart all over again


I guess I really miss my dad…



Both Of My Parents Are Dead.

But, They Never Taught Me Much. Spoke To Me Much. Or Include Me Into Anything.


Not Much Has Changed. . . . . . .

@Twialine I’m sorry you are feeling depression so deeply right now. I know from my experience with loss, some days I can feel really sad during the anniversary, and other times I remember wonderful times, little quirks and just the love. i’m so sorry its a hard day for you.

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Depression really sucks. I’m sorry you are going through this. If the feeling of being depressed dosn’t pass you need to go see a Pdoc.

I’m sorry you are feeling this sadness @Twialine
I miss my Mom too, she passed away in 2019.

Try to think of the happier or joyous memories with your dad.

Love is eternal.


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