Lost all my appetite. Think it is from the seroquel withdrawal

Or maybe stress am not sure. But only had 2 bowls of soup yesterday and today at 6pm I have eaten nothing.

Am drinking plenty fluids and this isn’t fasting out of choice. Just can’t face food

Plus these last few weeks I have been stocking up on food to go in crock pot meals. Healthy food. But I am not feeling myself right now and have zero motivation to cook

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Yeah, probably. At least you are drinking. Put some food in a very very small container and eat a spoonful at a time like every half hour or so. Then you are at least eating something. Gotta keep that blood sugar going.


Just had some oatmeal with sugar


You do seem a bit different in your posts you have been making lately.

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Sorry you are right. Am not 100% right now

If I knew you I would totally be making freezer meals for you! I know what it’s like when you aren’t hungry and don’t want to cook!

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Aww thanks @anon78876561 that is so nice of you

You feel better soon okay? Take care of yourself!

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Big hugs! 151515